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Questions to Ask Your Advanced Robotics Hair Restoration Center


David A. Mayer, MD runs a very successful advanced robotics hair restoration (ARTAS) center. He uses robotics in hair transplants to incredible effect.

However, not all doctors and hair restoration centers are as good as Dr. Mayer. It is very difficult to find such a center to conduct a hair transplant procedure.

To find the right robotics hair restoration center, we have prepared several questions whose answers will help you make an apt decision. These questions are not the end-all of conducting a search for a hair transplant surgeon. You can add other questions if you like.

The following questions will help you make a decision:

Why Should I Choose Advanced Robotics Hair Restoration?

The foremost question should obviously be why you? In this case, you can be more specific and ask why you should use their type of procedure.

Different doctors have different skills and their experience with using advanced robotics for hair transplants will also differ. Therefore, you should ask the doctor why you should undertake the procedure with them.

There are many benefits to undertaking robotics hair restoration including longer-lasting results, fewer scars, and better hair appearance. Ensure that you understand why the doctor wants you to undertake the procedure with them.

What Other Options Exist?

Hair restoration is simply not about surgical procedures. There is much that goes into restoring damaged hair, for example, chemical treatment.

When you walk into an advanced robotics hair restoration clinic, you should ask them about any other options that are available to restore your hair. This question will help you judge whether they are trying to make money by getting people to have the procedure or they are there to help you restore your hair.

It may be that your hair loss and damage is so extensive that an ARTAS procedure is the best option for your case. The way the doctor or the clinic answers the question will help you make a decision.

What Risks Are Involved in the Procedure?

No matter how high the success rate, every medical procedure involves a modicum of risk. Therefore, when you walk into an advanced robotics hair restoration clinic you should find out about the risks from the doctor no matter how minimal.

Of course, you do not want to receive a procedure with a high risk of going wrong. Even when the risks may not be deadly and may only involve bad looking hair.

Affect your recovery period.

What is the Cost of the Procedure?

You can never escape the all-encompassing factor of price. Although an ARTAS procedure may be the best option for you, the price may be a huge impediment to receiving the hair transplant.

Do not ask about the total price alone but ask what makes up the final price. It will undoubtedly involve some costs that you will further questions about.

The price of the hair transplant will also determine how you pay for it. You may have to look for more money, health insurance or any other way to bridge the difference if you cannot come up with the money.