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Prolific Wellness Physician in Florida


At the helm of providing quality wellness services is Dr. Samantha Lindsay. Dr. Lindsay is a Family medicine physician in Lutz, FL, and Managing director at Family Medicine and Medical Spa. She provides services to all members of the family member regardless of whether it’s a newborn or an older person. Dr. Lindsay puts a high emphasis on preventive care and, as a family practitioner, values spending time with her clients to enhance the quality of her treatments. She ensures proper diagnosis and follow-ups on patient’s conditions. Let’s find more about her practice.

Meet Dr. Lindsay

Before pursuing a career as a family practitioner, Dr. Lindsay owned a day spa and served as a probation officer. These professions made her interact with many people and find ways to improve people’s lives. In her pursue to improve people’s lives and help patients lead healthy, happy, and active lives, she pursued medicine.

Dr. Lindsay gains recognition from her peers due to her staunch dedication as a family practitioner. She will help you mitigate through multiple health conditions and also offer treatments for various chronic diseases. The vision of the facility is meeting the needs of their patient and restoring their health and well-being.


At the center, you will receive consultation services. Dr. Lindsay values spending ample time with patients during diagnosis to find the root cause of health conditions through medical evaluations and cross-checks on previous medical records. Dr. Lindsay will help you manage chronic conditions and cholesterol levels.

Dr. Lindsay treats conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, hypothyroidism. She also treats hyperlipidemia, double chin condition, and chronic pulmonary obstructive disease. Other services provided include body sculpting and annual patient examinations.

SculpSure Gallery

Dr. Lindsay showcases some of the successful SculpSure procedures through this SculpSure gallery. Visit their website and check out some of these images.


If you are looking for clarification on any information, the FAQ section serves you well. Some of these questions likely feature in the FAQ section. Check it out on their website.


Dr. Samantha Lindsay emphasizes patient education through blog articles. Through these articles, patients can learn more about the facility’s practice and its services. Visit their website and have a look at some of these articles.


Family Medicine and Medical Spa appreciate and value reviews from their valued patients. To date, the center boasts a 4.89 out of 5-star rating on 35 collected reviews. If you wish to review some of the testimonials from their previous patients, check out the facility’s website.

How to contact the center

Patients can get in touch with the facility through mobile, 813-305-7168, or schedule an appointment online by clicking the ‘Book Online’ link on their website. Conveniently, you can visit the facility at 16541 Pointe Village Dr. Ste 211. If you have any concerns, queries, or comments regarding Dr. Samantha Lindsay, you can send a message through their website.

In conclusion, at Family Medicine and Spa, they offer state-of-the-art services to every family member. Dr. Lindsay provides you with essential tips to maintain your health and treats you for multiple health conditions. If you are looking for a personal advocate of your well-being and general health, Dr. Lindsay is your best choice. Schedule that appointment with the facility today through mobile, or book an online appointment.