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Men’s Health: How to Improve Your Sexual Performance


Satisfying your partner and enjoying great sex enhances your relationship with your partner. Liondale Medical specialists for men’s health in New York advises that you should be interested in improving your sexual performance. However, focusing on your performance can result in anxiety. You can make simple lifestyle changes to:

  • Reduce anxiety
  • Increase your stamina
  • Enhance your relationship with your partner
  • Improve your erectile dysfunction

The changes above make sex more satisfying and enjoyable for both parties involved.  Worrying about your performance or maintaining an erection is a factor in performance anxiety.

How to Improve Your Sexual Performance

The tips discussed below help increase your stamina, reduce erectile dysfunction, and improve your overall sex performance and quality.

Focus More on Foreplay

Some people still believe that penetration is the defining factor in sex. You need more than an erection to please your partner. Even if you have erectile dysfunction, you can always try new strategies that work better.

Foreplay includes oral sex, touching, and kissing. Let the foreplay last for long to improve the sexual experience of both parties. Women love and value foreplay as 36% will experience orgasm from clitoris stimulation with only 18% experiencing orgasm from penetration sex.

Try Start & Stop Technique

This involves stopping penetration each time you feel you are about to ejaculate.  Stop for a few minutes, breathe deeply then start again, this time slowly. Delaying ejaculation is desirable and trains your body to hold off. Plus, it makes you feel more comfortable during sex without ejaculating sooner even when involved in intense sexual activity.

Try New Things

Remember, sexual pleasure thrives more in an environment full of excitement and passion. Sex feels like a routine if you have been with your partner for an extended time. In this case, it may be difficult to feel the excitement, please your partner, or to remain focused. You can do something else with your partner besides sex like:

  • Trying new sports
  • Cooking together
  • Hiking or kayaking
  • Visiting parks or museums


The activities help build your connection to each other. The excitement of engaging in a new activity transfers to the bedroom. Hence the increased passion and sexual performance.

Manage Your Anxiety and Stress

It’s difficult to maintain an erection when you have stress and anxiety. The feeling is very distracting. If you feel anxious about your sexual performance, you will be less excited and passionate about engaging in sex. You can manage your anxiety and stress by:

  • Exercising
  • Focusing on physical sensation rather than sexual performance
  • Meditating
  • Therapy
  • Getting adequate sleep
  • Working on your relationship
  • Taking psychiatric medication

Open Communication

Speak more freely with your partner on issues relating to your sexual tension. Work together to find a solution as it helps you feel less isolated and drives away guilt.  Your partner can ease your fears about ED and offer practical suggestions. You can also stop smoking as it’s linked to ED and reduced sexual performance.

Address Your Relationship Problems

Maybe you get more criticism from your partner which makes you anxious during sex or results in less satisfying sexual experience. Communicate your feelings with your partner to help address these challenges. You can also attend a couple’s sex therapy together. 

Engage in Exercises

Exercises reduce risks leading to heart conditions. Besides, it improves your sexual function and your overall health. Conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease damage your nerves and they alter blood flow to your penis making it difficult to maintain erections. Regular exercise also improves your mental health lowering anxiety as you feel better about your body. You exercise the muscles that play a big role in ejaculation and arousal.


You can improve your sexual performance by following the tips given above. Spice up your life by making your bedroom affairs creative, more fun, and exciting. You need to be healthy, body-wise, to enable your body to cope with sexual activity.  Manage your stress and anxiety to put your mind at ease during intercourse.  Contact a reliable men’s health specialist for help tackling your low testosterone.