Baby milk or babe formula is primarily used as a substitute for human milk. Other uses embrace Follow-up products as a dietary supplement for older infants and special formulations for specific nutritionary desires or to beat allergies e.g. soya-based milk for milk sugar intolerant infants. 

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The finished product is either provided as a sprig dried powder that is reconstituted as needed or in liquid kind, generally packed in cans or ready to use sterile feeding bottles. Typical supreme ingredients embrace Milk Proteins, Lactose, soybean super molecule, Malt dextrin, and numerous vitamins and minerals. The selection of raw materials, formulation, producing and storage of baby milk is one of the foremost strictly regulated within the food trade. For more visit here




A typical combine would be ready within the following manner: 

  • The bottom liquid which can be either milk or water is weighed/metered into the process vessel. The liquid is also heated to assist dissolving/hydration of pulverized ingredients.
  • Pulverized ingredients – milk proteins, etc. area unit added to the liquid and mixed till dispersed. Some heat-sensitive ingredients (e.g. vitamins) are also added at a later stage. 
  • The mixture is sometimes homogenized by passing through an air mass homogenizer. 
  • The merchandise is heat sterilized/pasteurized. 
  • The merchandise is spray-dried or canned before packing. 





Preparation of the mixture is subject to a variety of issues once victimization agitator conventional powder/liquid mixing systems: 

  • The powders square measure cohesive and should beside at a controlled rate to scale back lump formation.
  • Typical systems don’t manufacture enough shears to interrupt down agglomerates. 
  • Long process Times Square measure needed to finish dispersion and reach a lump-free premix for homogenization. 
  • The vigorous agitation needed to disperse the powder will result in foaming. 
  • The method should be dole out within the most healthful manner doable. Problems can arise with typical systems as they incline to permit a build-up of partly hydrated powder on vessel walls and mixer shafts etc. raising potential hygiene problems.  




Premixing the ingredients at raised temperatures will increase the danger of microorganism contamination. The base liquid is drawn from the vessel by the pump and more matured the venture assembly into the In-Line Mixer. Once the liquid is recirculation the powder feed valve is opened. The powder is drawn into the venture, where the liquid and powder streams area unit instantly mixed and pass directly to the recess of the high shear In-Line mixer. 

The liquid and solids area unit then subjected to intense high shear in the work head of the In-Line Mixer. When powder addition is complete the bypass valve is opened, switch the Flash blend to high-speed recirculation mode. The complete contents of the vessel meet up with the Flash blend in an exceedingly short compounding cycle, fast the association method.



Silverton Flash blend 

  • Up to forty-eighth solids will be spread into the water
  • Premixing of fine ingredients isn’t necessary 
  • Ideal for giant batches 
  • Agglomerate free combine 
  • Fast commixture times 


  • Improved method hygiene 
  • reduced aeration
  • Minimum operator input needed