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Look for the Perfect Deals in Health Insurance


A recent study indicated that the average price of a “classic” mutual insurance reached 1123.20 euros per year for a family composed of 2 adults and 2 children, and 2600 euros per year for a couple aged 60 who opted for a contract with reinforced guarantees. The subscription of a complementary health becomes thus essential to treat your health budget, more especially as the list of the less well reimbursed health acts is extended each year.

Evaluate your current health coverage

94% of French people have a mutual health insurance, subscribed on an individual basis or through a collective contract via the employer. We advise you to look carefully at the guarantees and reimbursements provided for in your current contract. If these elements do not suit you, do not hesitate to change the contract. A visit to https://www.iselect.com.au/health-insurance/ambulance-cover makes things perfect in this case now.

Define your needs in terms of health spending

Each insured person is unequal in terms of health expenses. Depending on the age and state of health of the people covered by your contract, the needs can be extremely disparate. Glasses, dental problems, consultations with the specialist are all costs that require choosing the right guarantees for your situation. Conversely, no need to opt for a contract with enhanced coverage if your situation does not warrant it. The price of a mutual health insurance can indeed vary from simple to triple depending on the guarantees subscribed.

Use a mutual comparator to find the right contract for you

A mutual comparator will allow you to define your needs in detail and thus offer you the market contracts that suit you, in less than two minutes. Independent of insurance companies, the insurance comparator is connected directly with more than 50 partner insurers, in order to offer you the mutuals that best suit your expectations and your budget.

Evaluate the guarantees and services offered in the contract

Each mutual company or insurance company offers specific services and guarantees within its contracts. This may, for example, be assistance in the event of hospitalization (housekeeper, childcare, taking charge of a particular room, etc.), the availability of generalized third-party payment or the management of vaccines.

Opt for contracts playing on transparency on reimbursements

Supplementary health contracts can present reimbursements in different forms. They can thus be expressed in percentages, in euros, or even as an annual package. Not easy to navigate unless you are an expert! (see our explanation of the calculation of health reimbursements). We advise you to perform a refund simulation if the example provided does not satisfy you. A mutual comparator also allows you to compare the reimbursements of several contracts in detail.

Dental (implants and prostheses, orthodontics, etc.) and optical (glasses, lenses) are particularly poorly reimbursed by Social Security. The same goes for hospitalization, which can represent a very significant advance in costs for the patient. Do not neglect these points when comparing contracts. These are the essential things that you will have to have now. The aspect of perfection stays right there now. Perfection stays there now.