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How to Make Daily Routines Easier for Your Child


Children need structure, and a daily routine is the perfect way to help with that. Kids need to get up, eat breakfast, brush their teeth and follow a number of other routines throughout the day. It can be difficult for kids to follow all of this though. Here are some ways you can help make things easier for your little ones.

Make a Chart

Children are still learning, so it’s easy for them to forget something as important as brushing their teeth every morning. Creating a chart for your little one to follow can help you avoid having to go to the dental office Seattle WA. You can have a list of everything that needs to get done and have them check off each item once it’s done for the day.

Have a Reward System

Creating a reward system for your child can be extra motivation to help ensure that your little one follows the routine. Of course, you won’t want to give them a reward for every single task that is done each day, but you could use a point system or stickers. For instance, if your child gets everything done that day, he or she could earn a sticker. After your child gets a certain number of stickers, they can be turned in for a prize.

Always Stick to It

One of the best ways to form a habit is to stick to it each day. Things happen and you won’t always be able to follow it exactly, but do your best. The more your child practices the routine, the easier it will get.

Of course, every day won’t go completely smoothly. Some days your routine will get off and everything will feel a little chaotic, but that’s OK. Just be sure to stick to everything as much as you can and don’t stress when things don’t go quite as planned.