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How Cannabis Buckers Can Save Your Time and Money?


Cannabis buckers can be an invaluable tool for people who are growing medium to large quantities of cannabis. Whether you like the job or not (and many don’t), there’s no denying the fact that your bud will need to be de-stemmed and de-budded before you can move onto the next stage. When you’re doing this by hand, the process can take what seems like forever. But thanks to a handy little machine called a cannabis bucker, you can reclaim your time without losing any of the quality of your cannabis. It’s the ideal solution for commercial growers who are looking for ways to save time and money. 

In this article, we’ll dive a little deeper into the subject, outlining exactly what the best bud bucking machine on the market can do for your operations. 

Machines Work Faster Than Hands

Perhaps the strongest case for investing in a bucking machine is simply that they work much faster than hands can! If you’ve ever bucked by hand, you’ll know just how slow the process can be — and plus, it’s not all that fun, either. When you’re running a commercial operation, there’s no denying that a bucker machine is essential. The volume of cannabis that it can de-stem per hour is much, much greater than what you could do with your hands. You can find bucking machines that process 10 pounds per hour all the way to up 150 pounds. Think about how long it would take you to de-bud 150 pounds of cannabis, and you’ll quickly see why it’s so useful!

Produce More Output

The more of your cannabis you can get to market, the better your profit margins will be; it’s as simple as that. Once you’ve got delicious cannabis grown and ready, you’ll want to get it out there quickly. But you can’t do that if you need to de-stem the cannabis yourself first. With a good machine by your side, you’ll be able to significantly increase your output, which in turn will help to increase your profit margins. You’ll need to invest some money to get a cannabis bucker machine, of course, but it’s one that’ll ultimately help to boost your profits. 

It Can Work When You Can’t

You and your workers are not machines. You’ll need to rest and have some downtime from time to time. Alas, when you’re trying to grow your business, this would be a little bittersweet — you want to get your product out there, and if you’re taking breaks, then you’ll know that you’re not making progress. A bucker machine doesn’t need to take breaks. As long as you’re there to oversee things, you’ll be making progress. The majority of these machines are user-friendly, too, so you can operate them with ease, which means you’ll be able to work for longer. 

There’s a Range Of Options 

Not all bucker machines are the same. Some are more capable than others. When you’re looking for one, you’ll find that there’s a bucker that is perfect for your needs, which means you don’t need to spend any more money than is necessary.

It’s Accurate

Of course, you can’t sacrifice quality in favor of time. Thankfully, with a commercial bucker, you won’t need to. The best options out there are extremely accurate, which means your cannabis can be de-stemmed, losing the parts that you don’t need but keeping the parts that you do need. 

They’re Easy To Clean

The clean-up part of the cannabis growing process is no one’s idea of a good time. But it is important. Cannabis buckers help you to save time because they’re exceptionally easy to clean. Indeed, you can get your machine clean within a matter of minutes, allowing you to spend more time doing the things that will help to grow your business. 

They’re Gentle

You might think that a machine that works so quickly and efficiently would be a little severe in its approach. But this isn’t the case. The best cannabis buckers work extremely gentle, which will help to retain the quality of your product. In many cases, they’re more gentle than when you do it by hand since most people tend to do things more quickly than they should when they’re trying to get the job done.

Final Thoughts

As we’ve seen, there are plenty of benefits to having a good cannabis bucker, especially if you’re running a large-scale cannabis operation. In that scenario, this machine won’t just help you — it’ll be an essential part of your business operations.