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Employee Work Permit Medical Check Up: What To Expect


When you’re thinking about hiring new employees, one of the things you need to consider is their work permit medical check-up. This may not seem like a big deal, but it’s important to make sure that your new employees are healthy and able to do their jobs. Here are some things you should expect when your employee needs a work permit medical check-up:

  1. The employee will need to provide proof of a valid work permit. This can be in the form of a copy of the work permit or an original document.
  2. The employee will need to have a work permit medical check-up. In most cases, this will require a visit to a doctor.
  3. The cost of the work permit medical check-up will vary depending on the employee’s nationality and health status. However, it’s likely to be relatively affordable.
  4. The employee will need to provide documentation of their health insurance coverage. If they don’t have coverage, they may be required to purchase it before the check-up.

WHEN to Have the Medical Check Up?

In order to stay within the bounds of immigration law, employers must adhere to certain requirements when it comes to employee work permits. One of these requirements is that employees must undergo a Medical check up for employee work permit every six months. In order to determine when an employee’s medical checkup should be, there are a few factors that should be considered.

The age of the employee and their general health condition should be the first two factors to consider. If either of these factors change, then the medical checkup may need to be changed as well. The last factor to consider is whether or not any new injuries or illnesses have occurred since the last medical checkup.

Who Should Schedule the Medical Check Up?

If you are an employee in the United States, it is your responsibility to schedule a medical check up with your doctor. The medical check up helps identify any health problems and ensure that you are healthy enough to work. Here is what to expect from a medical checkup:

-A physical exam will be performed to assess your general health and look for any health problems.

-Your blood pressure, heart rate, and other vital signs will be taken.

-You may also have tests done such as a cholesterol test or a blood sugar test.

-A consultation with your doctor about your work duties and lifestyle will be scheduled.


Employee work permit holders should definitely have a medical check up every six months to ensure that their health is good. If you experience any symptoms that might require medical attention, please seek help immediately! The following are the most common conditions that will necessitate a work permit holder’s visit to the doctor: stroke, heart attack, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes or any other chronic illness. Make sure you schedule an appointment with your employer and get your work permit holder health check up scheduled as soon as possible!