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Detecting Key Early Signs Of Hearing Loss


Individuals might start to experience hearing loss with age, or because of a pre-existing condition. Patients that have gone through severe accidents may also require a visit to a specialist, especially if they’ve experienced head injuries. Doctors use quality Smith and Nephew products to close the wound, but always advise patients to go for further testing for their auditory responses post-surgery.  

After performing a preliminary check-up, a specialist may recommend wearing a hearing aid for a certain period. A quality medical device, such as Widex hearing aid India product, can be purchased from a premier shop such as Smart Medical Buyer. A leading distributor of medical equipment and supplies, Smart Medical Buyer is a premium online store with products ranging from stethoscopes, bp check machine, otoscopes to thermometer, bandages and syringes among other things. Audiologists always recommend buying a quality hearing aid, especially when starting to experience hearing loss. 

Muffling of sounds 

Dampening or muffling is an important sign that should not be ignored.  If certain sounds are duller or aren’t properly differentiated from other sounds, then you may need to visit an audiologist. While watching TV, or when outside in the park, if there is a distinct difference in sound quality, then you may some form of hearing loss. A specialist may be able to determine the specific type of hearing loss experienced, namely conductive, sensorineural, or mixed. 

Difficulty hearing consonants (or certain words)

Every spoken word has its own frequency or audible pitch. If you can’t understand certain words correctly, then there may be hearing loss for that range in sound quality. Generally, the s, h or f sound is difficult to comprehend when the person is experiencing hearing loss. 

If an audiologist recommends that you wear a hearing aid long-term, then you can start looking for a quality hearing aid price in India at the top online stores. It’s ideal to review different options until you find the one that’s right for you. 

Experiencing ringing (tinnitus)

You may be experiencing a low ringing sound in your ear, which may get louder with age. This is generally a sign of early onset of tinnitus and caused by inner ear hair cell damage in many cases. Earwax blockage, ear bone changes, and long-term exposure to loud sounds, can lead to tinnitus developing in the ear. It’s best to visit a leading audiologist to get treated for the condition. 

Opting for an online hearing test

Individuals who suspect any level of hearing loss can take an online hearing test from the comfort of their home. These tests are provided by international audiologists, and patients can examine their hearing abilities via the online screening test. 

Trying a short-term hearing aid

It’s important to review the difference in hearing before and after wearing a hearing aid. This will help you determine the right approach for when you need a long-term solution. You may need to master the process of handling, cleaning and storing a hearing aid, and use the maintenance protocols for extending their lifespan. Wearers often use Smith & Nephew products when they need antiseptic wipes for maintaining hygiene.