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Delta 8 Gummies Review: Is it Worth the Price?


The Delta 8 Gummies Review is an evaluation on these gummy bears. It’s not surprising that these were introduced to the market at a value of $7.99 per box, they’re made by a company known as Kroger, who is familiar with creating value in their product. The review will compare rosins and gummies to see if Delta 8 Gummies from observer.com are worth the price or not.

The Review

Delta 8 Gummy have over 50% of caffeine, so many people like them for their energy boosting capabilities. The gummy bears are very small, which can be considered a positive since they come in bulk packs of 5×102.5g servings. With a box of 50 servings costing $7.99, the price point is almost $0.15 per serving, pretty decent value.

In addition to the caffeine, these gummy bears also contain guarana and taurine boosting them to 60mg of caffeine per serving! They also contain B-vitamins: niacin and thiamin, which have various functions throughout the body. These gummy bears have a very high amount of sugar, since they have five different types of sugar. It is still a decent source of energy for people with lower blood sugars; this is because the low glycemic index that is in the gummies.

What’s in it?

The ingredients list on the back of the box is 10.3g per serving, or about 15 servings. The ingredients are sugar, glucose syrup, maltodextrin, water, taurine concentrate (0.45%), guarana extract (0.05%) citric acid and natural and artificial flavors. The amount of sugar is a bit too much for me since I have insulin resistance so I can’t eat this over a long period of time with good sugars to help me regulate my blood sugars since that will bring my insulin levels up higher than what would be healthy for me.

The Effects

After taking a serving of the Delta 8 Gummies, there was a good increase in my energy level. I had never done any guarana before and it made me feel a bit better in terms of energy and alertness. The effects lasted for about an hour after consumption.

The Taste &Mixability

The taste is pretty good for this type of candy since there are many other gummies out there that definitely leave a lot to be desired with their taste. They do not mix well at all, so you will have the chew the entire thing; but it’s not too bad because they’re small.


Overall these are some pretty good gummy bears and they’re definitely worth their price. They’re extremely useful and helpful in boosting energy levels and giving individuals an edge over the competition. These are great for students to take before school or before doing homework; it gives them an edge to power through their homework.