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Common procedures performed by a professional physiotherapist



Physiotherapy use the scientific knowledge and clinical skills to help the patients return to normal life post injury or surgery. The physiotherapist has learned all about the shapes and functions of the bones and joints and also the organ systems. By using this knowledge, they help the patients suffering from various kinds of pains and disabilities. Some of the important procedures you can expect during a visit to the physiotherapist are:

  1. Medical acupuncture: The physiotherapists make use of needles to put pressure on selected points on the organs of the body. They use needling techniques to relieve the patients from pain or to enable maximum movement or rotating of limbs and joints. The acupuncture serves the purpose of reducing the blood pressure and be instrumental in curing related ailments and make the body fitter eventually.
  2. Massaging therapy: Physiotherapists make use of medicinal qualities of various kinds of essential oils that have heating and healing properties. They apply massage therapy using these oils and provide required suppleness in the joints and muscles. The physiotherapists are taught about the pressure points in the body and the way to press them in order to regain strength and correct posture. The regular visits and the massages by a professional physiotherapist help in curing stiffness of joints and the body parts such as neck, back, hips, knees, ankles and so on. You can also find cure for persistent headache in massaging therapy which is anytime safer than taking painkillers.
  3. Prescriptive exercises: Many of the body’s aches can be cured with the help of exercising under the guidance of a physiotherapist. The people especially those suffering from back pain and neck pain can attend the exercising sessions of a professional physiotherapist and improve their range of movement. The exercises also help in regaining strength and in muscle build-up which ultimately enhances robustness of the body. Those gone through surgery like cardiac or brain surgery need exercising to regulate oxygen flow in the body and to regain the normal functioning of such vital organs. Prescriptive exercises help enhance the results of surgery and regain overall competence.
  4. Manipulation and mobilization: These are the manual techniques that result in enhanced mobility and functioning of soft tissues, and tendons and ligaments holding them together. The process of manipulation enables the quick and accurate movement of the joints of neck and back area and cures pain in these areas eventually.

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