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A Good Look at the Medical Applications of Cannabis


When most people think of marijuana (Cannabis), the first thing that often flashes into their mind are images of unruly people smoking joints at a part and getting high. The unfavourable implication that these images immediately brings up makes it hard for individuals to accept this brand-new sort of treatment which includes the use of medical marijuana.

Yes, medical marijuana is the same as the typical Cannabis you can find in underground parties utilised to please addiction. The difference, of course, is that there are stringent control measures in place for the medical use of Cannabis. The latter is perfectly legal and intended as a form of treatment for patients struggling with certain types of diseases.

Where do you get medical marijuana?

You cannot buy medical Cannabis in Australia at a typical drug store, and you will need a permit to do so (Medical Marijuana Card). Patients can only get them at a particular dispensary authorised to sell medical Cannabis. Cannabis These unique dispensaries, although legal, are still required to have a minimal distribution due to specific definitions of the regional law. 

People looking to buy medical marijuana will need a recommendation from their physician, which is subject to state approval. The application for a medical marijuana card contains the recommended dosage and the nature of the ailment being treated

What type of medical conditions qualifies for medical cannabis treatment?

There exist a wide range of medical and health-related conditions that Cannabis can treat thanks to extensive research. It can be used for the diseases regarding queasiness, vomiting, undesirable weight reduction and absence of appetite. Spasticity and discomfort are likewise some brand-new disorders that medical Cannabis can treat.

The list likewise consists of a couple of major diseases such as AIDS (Acquired Immuno Deficiency Disorder, Anorexia, Chronic Migraine, Arthritis and most types of cancer, to mention a few.

Chronic discomfort is the most typical reason patients seek to utilise medicinal marijuana. About a third of Australians struggle with some chronic discomfort throughout their lifetime. It is now understood that some aspects of Cannabis act positively towards decreasing pain.

Nobody knows how Cannabis works for persistent pain. Sure, it is understood that there are receptors for the cannabinoids of marijuana in the brain and throughout the body. However, what occurs precisely when the cannabinoids are attached to those receptors is a mystery. 

Some research has shown that THC (the main active component of Cannabis) has some discomfort reduction activity in cancer patients. Cancer patients would fall under chronic distress classification. That said, most states have a separate category for cancer as a factor for use. There have been several studies revealing that medical marijuana is effective for chronic pain conditions such as cancer, however not for other types of bodily pains like sunburn and chronic back pain.


There is a lot we understand about medical Cannabis for persistent discomfort and a lot of unanswered concerns. The more studies that come out, the better it would be for the medical applications surrounding Cannabis for the foreseeable future.