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A beginner’s guide to choosing the perfect glass pipe


The glass pipe is not an ordinary type of pipe that is commonly used for smoking. Apart from glass, you can also find smoking pipes that are made up of wood, corn cob, ceramic, or metal. Smokers frequently choose glass pipes because they allow them to enjoy the various flavors available from the unique strains of leaves. 

There is a wide variety of glass pipes available on the market with different materials used, so smokers can often choose glass pipes because they enable them to enjoy the various flavors available from the unique strains of leaves. With these glass pipes, you also have a choice of water filtration or dry use, and far more choices are available for personalized and distinct-looking pipes. In addition, these glass pipes are made to be durable and have less chance of toxicity due to the questionable raw materials used.

Types of glass pipes 

The following are a variety of glass pipes that you are looking for:

Steamroller pipes

Primarily, the steam roller is one of the most powerful glass pipes that seem like a tiny bong, which could be utilized horizontally instead of vertically. It may be a good option for beginners, but it is worth considering. The excellent features of this pipe are interchangeable bowls and percolators, and there is also a choice of carb.

Bubbler pipes

It is also called water pipes or bongs. The bubbler pipes have a chamber for water for wine, beer, or perhaps orange juice. Its optional extras include interchangeable bowls, extra chambers, percolators, additional length air paths, ice chambers, and water recyclers.

Spoon pipes

Perhaps more importantly, this pipe is a good option for beginners. The spoon pipes are a discreet, portable, tiny, and colorful option for a glass pipe. They are shaped like spoons and are as easy to use as a pipe can be. This glass spoon pipe is more fragile but lighter as well as heating up very fast. However, you might be wondering how affordable a good spoon pipe can be.

Why are smokers using glass pipes?

Primarily, glass pipes are a good form of pipe to go for if you need a quality smoking experience. The plastic pipes have a slightly funny taste, and there are all kinds of health risks involved in heating them as well as gulping down the plastic vapors. Along with that, they normally look and feel tacky. Also, they do not even hold up to the test of time. So, there is a variety of glass pipes available now, such as wood pipes or metal pipes, and they are fine for some uses. Overall, the glass pipes can win out because some of the main factors include being able to protect against heat while being tempting to the eye.