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10 Ways To Deal With Pain With Braces



While getting braces does not normally hurt you or cause pain in any way, it does have mild discomfort from the newly tightened equipment. Since you have to deal with teeth and bone moving, having discomfort and pain is a normal phenomenon during the process. Most cosmetic dentists in Brisbane try their best to make it as relieving as possible. However, having pain is a normal and common experience for a patient. In addition to the pressure, you might also feel cuts or irritation inside the mouth due to new braces. The good news is that the pain will go away in a few days. Here we will give you 10 ways to deal with pain with braces.

  • Using Oral Anesthetic

There are some direct oral anesthetics that you can apply on your teeth and gums for pain relief. Chief among them isOrajel and Anbesolthat act as instant pain relievers for dental braces. You can use a cotton bud or your finger to put the gel on the area of discomfort. The taste of the gel is not that good. However, it does desensitize your mouth and decreases the pain due to braces.

  • Pain Medications

Another way to reduce pain in the mouth is to use over-the-counter painkillers. If you feel that, you always experience pain during your appointment. Take the medication just before your appointment. It will help to reduce the pain whenever you feel discomfort or disturbance in your mouth. We recommend you to take the medication as prescribed by your dental physician to make sure you get the best one. Follow the dosage instructions carefully to avoid any side effects. If you still feel discomfort even after medication, consult your orthodontist immediately.

  • Use Ice Packs & Cold Foods/Drinks

Ice will work on brace pain just as it affects any other injured part of the body. If you feel like your mouth remains sore after brace tightening, either eat some ice cream or apply an ice pack to the affected area to numb the pain. Ice packs and cold foods will help relieve the pain and reduce the discomfort. Moreover, it will also reduce any inflammation present that might cause pain later. Dentists usually recommend eating ice cream for some time to help keep the pain in control.

  • Eat Soft Foods

Whenever you have your new braces installed or tightened, be sure to eat soft food for some time. Your gums become sensitive for some time due to brace tightening and having hard food will increase the pain. Avoiding crunchy or hard food like meat or chips is a good idea to keep the pain minimum. Instead, go for softer foods like yogurt, soups, smoothies or potatoes. Once the pain has settled, you can resume your normal eating habits as normal. It would help if you had a little bit of patience while you avoid hard food, as it will produce more harm than good. Once your pain has gone, eat whatever you want.

  • Gum Massage

Just like messaging gives relief to your sore shoulders, massaging your gums will relieve your sore gums. The massage process is very simple. All you need to do is to rub your gums clockwise gently with your finger. Use a block of ice before massaging to give a full soothing effect. This process should not be very long, just enough to relax swollen gums. Massaging works wonders if done gently and accurately. Make sure to clean your fingers first to avoid any further infection.

  • Cold Water

Using cold water will numb the area of your mouth that has pain. Whenever you get back from your appointment. Drink a cold glass of water to ease the tension and relieve the pain.

  • Rinse With Warm Salt Water

A great home remedy passed down by generations is to rinse your mouth with warm salted water. While cold water does relief pain, so does warn water, gargling with warm water relieves the pain and heal cuts in the mouth. It relieves all the sore effect in the gums due to braces.

  • Dental Hygiene

A sure-fire way to feel relieved from pain is to keep good dental hygiene. Taking care of your teeth and braces work for your smile as well as against pain. It would help if you kept your braces and teeth clean to avoid any decay or infection. Food gets stuck in braces and wires so be sure to clean them regularly. Use floss very carefully and use mouthwash to rinse. Keep good hygiene to get rid of all the food particles stuck in the braces.

  • Mouth Guard

Use a mouth guard during any activity like sports to give your braces and gums the support it needs. A mouth guard will also benefit in soothing the pain due to braces and wires. In addition, any discomfort on the cheeks will be relieved.

  • Have Patience

Like most of the things that get better with time, your pain will also go away. While using the remedies will reduce the pain, total relief will take time. Try to take your mind off by doing any other activity and take your focus off your pain. Just remember your pain will go away, and your smile will last forever.


Having braces is a temporary discomfort that will lead to a beautiful smile. It brings a session of pain and discomfort that will last a few days. Using the above-mentioned tips will help relieve the pain. Additionally, it will also heal any cuts, or sore gums present due to braces. Be patient and work through your pain to have that pretty smile.