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Your Options Essential Now with Non-surgical rhinoplasty


Non-surgical rhinoplasty is used to eliminate congenital or acquired malformations. Also to correct the asymmetry of the back of the nose, the tip and simple corrections of what you personally don’t like. If you are afraid of having an operation immediately, you may not need it. Nasal plastic surgery without surgery will save you from edema, bruises, scars and other consequences. And after the procedure, nasal breathing will not be limited or disturbed. From the non surgical rhinoplasty London you can have the best option now.

Types of non-surgical rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty injection is a very attractive way to change the appearance, but immediately warned that this type of intervention is not recommended for everyone.

Before and after rhinoplasty without surgery

Injection correction cannot be performed by those who are planning to resort to surgery. Corrective drugs that are administered to the nose can lead to a decrease in blood flow, complicate surgery or result in surgical nose correction being prohibited for you. To understand whether you want these specific changes in the shape of the nose, it is better to use saline. However, remember that the result of injectable rhinoplasty is different from surgery.

Do not inject the tip of the nose

A puncture in the area of ​​the back of the nose retains its shape, and in the area of ​​the cartilage is ineffective. The only exception is the use of injections to correct unsuccessful nose correction (if the patient has small holes).

The introduction of hyaluron-based or micro-dose silicone drugs will correct minor skin disorders. Injection correction of the nose is attractive, but approaches it carefully. Do not consider the effect in the short term, but the long term. 

The use of gel fillers

This implies the introduction of gel fillers under the skin into small cavities that are subject to correction. In principle, this method of non-surgical rhinoplasty is used to mask the scammer. The doctor inserts filler along the entire back of the nose. After 15 minutes the patient can assess his “new” nose. There is no risk of dangerous complications, painful recovery and pain. In rare cases, a protective splint is applied, but not more than 24 hours. 

Rhinoplasty with absorbable gels is the most inexpensive and affordable correction method. However, rhinoplasty gel provides a short-lasting effect. Surgical intervention is forever and the gel filler has the shape for about a year and a half. Re-entry after six months is often required. In rare cases, the nose becomes stable and without repeated administration. This is due to the formation of fibrous tissue at the injection sites. Gel migration is an unpleasant side effect of this rhinoplasty method. This leads to unpleasant malformations and the need to consult a doctor again.

Rhinoplasty using fillers corrects such defects:

  • Fills cavities and depressions,
  • Softens sharp corners,
  • Corrects nose tip defects,
  • Restores symmetry
  • Makes the scammer smooth.