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Why Opt for Rehab Chiropractic and Rehabilitation?


Chiropractic is known to treat acute injuries. This is helpful for patients who have injuries from car or fall accidents or even in sports. Most of these injuries are rarely considered during rehabilitation, which is why most people are starting to focus on chiropractic specialists. 

Starters can begin with spinal manipulation treatment, which is good for acute cervical spine and lower back pain injuries. It’s a safe treatment method that is highly effective in improving mobility and lowering your pain. Besides, it corrects the source of your initial problem to keep you healthy. 

Dr. James Sheehan believes that the success of chiropractic treatment in rehabilitation goes beyond simply treating the spine. It handles acute injuries too. It’s a very effective treatment method for soft tissues, temporomandibular joints, and even overuse injuries. 

The chiropractic specialists are experienced in the use of passive modalities like ultrasound, therapeutic laser, and muscle stimulation. Plus, they handle exercise-based rehabilitation.

These specialists are essentially at the forefront of acute injury rehabilitation. Nearly every sports franchise in North America retains chiropractors as they recognize the important role they play in ensuring their athletes are at their highest level and functioning optimally. 

Besides, large rehab clinics and most interdisciplinary workers’ compensation have chiropractic services available to clients. The chiropractic field is broad and has specialties such as soft-tissue treatment and rehabilitation. The treatment varies depending on the training and specialty. Therefore, it’s vital you choose a specialist whose philosophy and approach are in agreement with yours.

Benefits of Scheduling Ongoing Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic is based on the understanding of the human body and using that knowledge to help your body heal and restore itself to better health. Under the right conditions, your body can achieve incredible healing. The rehabilitation facility offers patients the best chance at successful healing.

Stronger Immune System 

There is a direct correlation between greater immunity from diseases and regular chiropractic care. The immune system of someone who undergoes chiropractic care is 200 times stronger.

Decrease in Drug Dependence

No person wants to continue taking pharmaceutical drugs unless it’s really necessary. Ongoing chiropractic care lowers your average drug dependence, which in turn reduces your drug costs by up to 51.8%.

Fewer Headaches

Many people use chiropractic care to alleviate headaches and migraines. The treatment also relieves chronic pain. Most over the counter or prescription medications simply mask the pain and doesn’t promote healing. However, chiropractic care focuses on addressing the root cause of the pain and gives you long-term health benefits. 

Improves Mood

Patients have reported feeling happier and relaxed after this treatment. This is attributed to improvement in hormonal balance leading to the release of dopamine in the person’s brain. 

Improves Posture

In this age where people run busy lives and work for 6-8 hours daily, it’s common to have a bad posture. Scheduling regular chiropractic treatments reduce pressure in your body and neck fostering proper alignment. 

A good chiropractic specialist merges traditional physical medicine, exercise therapy, nutrition counseling, and massage therapy for comprehensive rehabilitation. This promotes long-term healing and strength.