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Where CBD OIL Is Legal in EU Countries



As one of the only EU countries, CBD oil, and other CBD content products in Spain are medicines. In Germany, products such as CBD öl, CBD capsules, CBD pills, and CBD extracts are considered dietary supplements that traders must sell directly to consumers. International law triggers the national legislation on the purchase and sale of CBD oil and, therefore, you can buy your CBD products online abroad.

Is CBD Oil legal In Spain?

Yes, CBD oil is legal in Spain, as long as you do not sell or buy it in Spain without a prescription. CBD oil should be used free of charge, but everyone knows the content of THC in the product in question. You have no reason to worry because CBD oil is legal for your consumption since it does not contain high THC value. What you need to know is that it is not lawful to sell your CBD oil or other CBD content products in Spain to friends, family, and acquaintances, where there is often something wrong.

Europe And UK

Medical cannabis, and therefore CBD, is legal in some countries. Medical cannabis can be gotten in countries like Italy, Denmark, Holland, Romania, and Spain. Industrial hemp can also be legally grown in much of Europe. Several companies in this continent use industrial hemp as a source to manufacture CBD extracts and concentrates.


Switzerland presents some unique laws around cannabis. The country now allows producers to produce high CBD strains, provided they do not exceed the THC values. The Federal Court of Swiss decriminalizes the tiniest size of marijuana.


Luxembourg is another European country in which the cannabis use is legal. The Ministry of Health approved a pilot project lasting two years, with an initial date in November 2017, in which residents can obtain medicinal cannabis, and cannabinoid concentrates in national territory for health treatments. This conquest has gone one step further in June 2018, when the competent legislative body has passed a bill to legalize the medicinal use of cannabis completely. This will allow medicinal users in Luxembourg much broader access to therapeutic cannabis, to treat many more health problems that can be treated with this herb.