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What You Should Know About Stairlifts


Over recent years, stairlifts have become a recommended alternative for the aging seniors and other individuals with minimized maneuverability. In fact, several stairlift Singapore suppliers and manufacturers have become involved in the industry, giving you many options to choose from. 

Yet, before you jump onboard, there are several things you should know about stairlifts first. In this article, we will be looking at the key benefit of stairlifts as well as some common considerations that owners of stairlifts have.

Great flexibility and liberty

With a stairlift, you don’t have to stress over going up or down the stairways. Actually, you can go up and down the stairs a 100 times without bothering with the discomfort, power and time it will take. 

With a stairlift, you have unlimited freedom and you can move around your house without any limitations or difficulties. Say goodbye to planning your entire day to reduce the number of times you climb the stairways.

Checking your key switch

Often times, a stairlift will alert you to an inoperative key switch. Despite you having actively turned it on, the message is still displayed. What should you do then and why does this happen?

Depending on the lift version you have the key switch can be situated in a couple of various places. One of the most common areas for the key switch is on the top landing chassis side as shown in this image. Various other areas key switches are located are on the chair armrest and lower front cover. 

As soon as you find the key switch confirm operation by turning it off and afterwards back on. There are often times a key switch can seem to be in the on position when it is really switched just a little to the offsetting.

Price of stairlift and installation services

Embarking on a relocation will be a problem on the finances, even if you’re downsizing. Cost fluctuates significantly, depending on place and time of year, and there can be a host of extra charges to deal with that elevates the expense, too. For many, moving home is just too costly, particularly when you bring the benefits of stairlifts into the mix.

Stairlifts bring a lot more predictable cost, one that you can keep in control of. You can purchase reconditioned stairlifts from just ₤ 850, or all new stairlifts for under ₤ 1,400. 

There are many different designs to pick from, and even more costly rounded stairlifts can be found from less than ₤ 3,400. Stairlifts use a fantastic value for money; after the first expense, you can enjoy unrestricted upstairs connectivity without any of the long, dragged out headaches that come with relocating residence. You can also opt for chair lifts two harbors mn.