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What You Need To Know About Your Baby’s First Dentist Visit


The American Dental Association recommends that babies take their first trip to see the dentist by the time they are 1 year old. Parents are often nervous about what they should expect when they take their little one to the dentist, and those worries can rub off on even the tiniest of babies. Be prepared for your first visit to a kids dentist specialist Los Angeles CA, and both you and your child will have a stress-free experience.

Go In Calm and Content

Try to ensure that your child is in the best possible mood when you go in for your appointment. Avoid appointments that cross into nap time or any time when your little one has a tendency to be tired and cranky. Make sure he or she isn’t hungry or thirsty before the visit. Most importantly, demonstrate a positive and reassuring attitude about the appointment itself.

Know Your Family Dental History

The intake for a first dental appointment can be a little lengthy. The dentist will have questions about the dental and medical history of both biological parents. Do your best to share as much as you can, as this can help in guiding preventative treatment and provide insight if there are future problems.

Expect a Basic Exam

Unless there is a serious problem or you scheduled the appointment because of a damaged tooth, the first exam is typically pretty basic. The dentist will do a check for any problems with tooth decay, damage or growth issues in the teeth, gums and jaw. The appointment may end with a professional cleaning depending on your child’s tolerance. X-rays often will not come into play until your child is older or if a specific issue needs further investigation.

Your baby’s first visit to the dentist should be a simple, smooth process if you go in understanding what will happen. Being prepared and having a calm, positive attitude will help your child develop a great relationship with his or her pediatric dentist.