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What To Expect When You Get Your Teeth Cleaned

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Have you ever wondered about all that’s going on during your dental visit? The purpose of your exam is to not only make sure your teeth and gums are healthy but to also rid your teeth of the buildup that inevitably occurs. Here’s what to expect when you get your teeth cleaned.

An Examination of Your Teeth

The dentist will take a physical examination of your teeth and mouth to determine if you have any cavities developing. He’ll ask if you’re experiencing any sensitivities with your teeth. It could be a sign of gum disease. He’ll also check to make sure you don’t have lesions in your mouth that could be a sign of oral cancer.

A Scaling of Your Teeth

Using dental air scalers, either the dentist or more likely, the dental hygienist, will remove the calcium that has built up on your teeth. When those deposits aren’t removed on a regular basis you could suffer gum damage and tooth loss, so it’s important to have your teeth cleaned on a regular basis.

A Polishing of Your Teeth

Another important step of the cleaning process is to polish your teeth. Once all the buildup has been removed, the dental hygienist will then polish your teeth using a polisher that also works to remove additional scale as well as clear away food stains. The hygienist will then use a rotating polisher that will smooth your teeth.

A Flossing and Rinsing of Your Teeth

The next step will be flossing your teeth to remove any extra debris. Then you’ll be given a fluoride rinse, and the hygienist will ask you to swish it in your mouth. This will protect your teeth from extra cavities and give you fresh breath.

After that, you’ll be ready to face the day with a healthy smile and the satisfaction of knowing that your teeth with be with you for a long time.