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What Are The Symptoms Of Optic Neuritis?


One of the main symptoms of optic neuritis is a drastic reduction of vision in the affected eye. We can experience optic neuritis in one or both eyes. Therefore, it is feasible to speak of Optic Neuropathy: symptoms, causes & treatment, in relation to loss of vision.

In children, it is common for neuritis to affect both eyes. For their part, adults usually experience optic neuritis in only one of them. Optic neuritis is an inflammation of the optic nerve. The latter has the function of transmitting images through nerve impulses from the eyes to the brain where they are interpreted.

Symptoms Of Optic Neuritis

Although the sudden loss of vision is one of the most characteristic signs, we can cite other symptoms of optic neuritis:

  • Sudden and acute loss of vision in one eye within a few hours
  • Changes in the pupil
  • Alterations in the perception of brightness and depth
  • Inability to distinguish colors
  • Eye pain, especially when moving the eye

What Are The Causes?

Although there are different causes, a case of optic neuritis makes doctors suspect the presence of a disease such as multiple sclerosis. Optic neuritis is one of the first symptoms of this ailment and the one that alerts doctors.

However, other diseases can explain a case of optic neuritis:

  • Flu
  • Mumps
  • Diabetes
  • Measles
  • Avascular occlusion of the optic nerve
  • Bacterial infections, such as Lyme disease or syphilis
  • Viral infections such as HIV, hepatitis B, and herpes

People with vitamin B12 deficiency can develop optic neuritis. Thus, this vitamin is crucial for the proper functioning of the central nervous system. Therefore, we must make sure we eat foods such as cheese, eggs, fish or shellfish. All of them constitute sources of food that are not usually included in vegan diets that must bet on supplementation.


One of the first steps is to assess the possibility of a disease such as multiple sclerosis. In this sense, the protocol establishes the performance of a brain MRI in all patients with suspected optic neuritis, which will serve to assess the risk that we are facing multiple sclerosis.

Normally, the application of corticosteroids is chosen, which will accelerate the de-inflammation process. But in 2 to 3 weeks your vision may recover without the need for treatment.

In any case, the prognosis is usually good, and the symptoms of optic neuritis disappear, although it is true that some people will continue to suffer from minor visual disturbances.