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Water Filter Choices: The Best Options For Alkaline Water


Human existence cannot be imagined without water. She is a real source of energy and life itself. Of course, if the water is of high quality. Not a single normal person in a normal day-to-day situation would drink dirty liquids and those of dubious origins. This is a guarantee of not only health, but also the safety of all life. Many of our compatriots have long given up on tap water, opting for bottled water. Are they right and how to choose drinking water.

Composition of water and its varieties

Not every beverage sold through retail chains is suitable for daily consumption. Therefore, the choice of drinking water is definitely not a simple task. There is no 100% natural and healthy water. 

It should be understood that any liquid put up for sale has undergone one or another treatment. Human intervention in the affairs of nature most often has a negative effect on it. The use of an alkaline water filter comes useful here as it makes the water more beneficial for health.

The process of water treatment can include various stages, mechanical filtration from small debris, disinfection with chemicals, and treatment with ultraviolet radiation. 

Often the composition of the liquid is supplemented with a variety of vitamins and minerals. The chemical composition of the finished drink must be indicated on the label. When doing this, note the following:

  • If the exact figures for the presence of any components are indicated, then we are talking about a drink that has undergone additional enrichment. This also applies when natural ingredients are claimed.
  • If the ranges of the presence of any components are indicated, then we are talking about an unfortified beverage.

The label also indicates the type and manner in which the product has been processed. Focus on this information when choosing drinking water. According to these parameters, they are distinguished:

  • Sparkling and still water.
  • Drinking and mineral water. This also includes the dining room and the medical one.
  • Different waters depending on the type and concentration of salt in them.

Among other things, the number of ions and the number of the well in which it was produced are indicated on the label of bottled water.

How to choose water

The benefits of medicinal water

In accordance with the purpose and the amount of salt in the composition, liquids are intended for various drinking regimes. It is necessary to be very careful about the medicinal varieties. Their mineral composition is overly saturated. In such a product, the salt content exceeds 10 grams per liter. In addition, without fail, one or more trace elements will be an order of magnitude more than in standard drinking water.

Medicinal drinking water is always carbonated and comes in glass bottles. It has a beneficial effect on the body, helping to alleviate the condition in various diseases of the respiratory system, gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidneys. We list other advantages of such a product:

  • Antiseptic properties.
  • Possibility of use in inhalation.

Ensuring accelerated excretion of sputum due to its loosening. This effect is due to the alkaline composition of finely dispersed solutions that easily penetrate the respiratory system.


The admissibility of the selection of the necessary medical products, depending on the specifics of the tasks solved with its help. For example, formulations high in manganese help to overcome the effects of severe stress, and bicarbonate formulations help accelerate recovery from sports activities.