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Vocational Rehabilitation: Working Your Way Forward


If you’ve had a recent life event that has caused you to no longer be able to perform in your line of work, you may be worried about your options for future employment. Adjusting to these changes will take time, and there are programs that can help you through the process of preparing for a new job or trade.

Work-Related Accidents

If you were hurt at work and can no longer perform the functions of your job, filing a workers’ compensation claim may be a good option. In many cases, employers will cover the costs related to job training or tuition when you need to obtain employment in a different field. Completing these claims is complicated and time-consuming, and a small mistake may lead to denial. Vocational rehabilitation Oregon can guide you through the process of filling out an application for benefits.

Veterans With Disabilities

The Veteran Readiness and Employment division within the Department of Veterans Affairs offers a variety of programs to eligible servicemembers. Resume and job search guidance, career training, and accommodation requests are among the options available. If you are a veteran with a service-connected disability and are having difficulty finding suitable employment because of your disability, you may qualify for assistance. Completing an online application is the first step in determining if you meet the initial requirements of this program.

State-Specific Options

Many states also offer vocational and rehabilitation services. The extent of these services will vary from state to state, but they often include vocational counseling, needs assessments, and on-site job coaching as necessary. If you have trouble locating information on this program, reach out to your state’s Department of Labor for guidance.

Don’t get discouraged when an illness or injury makes it difficult or impossible to continue in your career field. Gainful employment may still be an option after receiving vocational rehabilitation.