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Things you Need to Know about Concussion Treatment

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There are many different rehabilitation techniques for concussions in a brain center. Knowing how to choose the right one is very important because each brain injury, and the injury itself, should be treated individually. Each person’s recovery will vary; it is crucial to know if your rehab should include intense or light therapy. Also, some guidance should be kept in mind while you decide on your therapy:

Know If Your Therapy Is Customized To You (Patient) Or Generalized To Everyone

Some therapies are developed for other types of injuries but can still work for mild concussions. It is fine to use these generalized therapies as long as it works, but keep in mind that these may not be the best choice out there if you have a serious concussion case. Although the therapies are not specifically for concussions, you can still use the approach in moderation because it is better than not using any therapy.

Consider The Location Of Your Injury When Deciding On A Type Of Therapy

The location of your injury can affect how you recover from said injury. If your concussion is closer toward the frontal lobe, therapy needs to be more verbal and supportive. You do not need anything too demanding or strenuous to get better. This means that just spending time with family or friends can help with this type. 

If you have an injury near the parietal lobe, focus on getting sensory feedback. This could include touch therapy for light pressure between certain body parts, etc. Finally, if your brain is injured in the occipital lobe, spend time with lights and colors. 

Take Into Account How Severe Your Concussion Was (If You Can)

If you have had many concussions, there isn’t anything more harmful than the already experienced concussions. It may be hard to keep track of the situation, but consider doing more intensive therapy if you know that some were worse than others. People with less serious concussions might not need as much therapy and can do fine with less involved protocols like physical and mental rest.

Consider Other Things That Could Be Part Of Your Injury

It is not uncommon for people to have more than one type of injury after a concussion. For example, many times, those with concussions also suffer from post-concussion syndrome (PCS). 

If you think that other injury symptoms could be part of your original concussion, you can always use specialized protocols to help these symptoms. 

It is important to keep in mind that doing something every day helps improve your chances of getting better. It does not matter if it is just five minutes or two hours; as long as you put some effort into your recovery, it will greatly help. Also, try doing the same task every single day until you feel back to normal because this can make a world of difference. This way, you can slowly work up to the initially given workload and eventually feel like yourself again.