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The Right Kind of Caregiving for You


What you need to know about home care for elderly singapore companies or nurses and independent caregivers.Only you will know when it is time to look for a home care service. That moment may come as a surprise or gradually, but at some point you will realize that you are overwhelmed and it is not possible to drive without help and for more time all the responsibilities of helping your parents or relatives who enter the 3rd age.

Unfortunately, this is not the only decision you should make. You must also decide how to find, hire and pay for a caregiver. In particular, it is important to know the differences between hiring an independent caregiver and going to a home health agencies near me. Sometimes the word “agency” is used as a term that monopolizes a variety of home care services, such as elderly care, home hospitalization, palliative care, home nursing, among others. Therefore, an independent caregiver is a category by itself.

Agency or home care company

Home care for elderly singapore offers a selection of trained caregivers or nurses to provide a wide range of services. When you speak with a care company coordinator for the first time, you will be asked to describe the tasks you want the caregiver to perform, the hours you need help, if you need the person to drive the car, and other details.

You should also describe the level of care your relative needs; Typically, a caregiver who provides personal care, which includes hygiene and assistance to go to the bathroom, is paid a higher salary to the one who provides help such as shopping, cooking or keeping company. Agencies and companies can provide 24-hour assistance or offer caregivers by call, who attend your home when they need a break.

What does a home care company do


A home care company is the nurse and caregiver employer. These agencies are responsible for hiring and paying the caregiver and scheduling their hours. You can expect an agency to provide more training, training and supervision of caregivers than other contracting alternatives for these services.


Most companies have insurance or clauses that protect you from liability in the event that the caregiver suffers an accident or is injured in your home.

Background check

The care companies conduct a review of the background of the nurses, you can check these results before choosing a person.


Home care agencies are authorized to operate and conduct supervision visits to reinforce their quality standards.


The agency is responsible for the taxes to be imposed on caregivers and nurses, keep records, provide tax information, and respond to unemployment, among other taxes that all hiring entails.

Task Determination

In your first consultation with the company, you will have the opportunity to explain exactly what tasks you want the caregiver to perform. You can also explain every characteristic that is important about your loved one. The agency will then presents possible candidates and help you decide someone who suits your needs.

Behavioral problems and complaints

The agency is responsible for handling any problem that relates to the caregiver at your home, their behavior and training. In other words, if you are not happy with your caregiver, you do not need to speak with her directly if this does not suit you. You can report directly to an executive or supervisor.


Companies can provide a replacement caregiver if your home nurse becomes ill, injured or takes a vacation.

Professional treatments and supplies

Usually companies can provide treatment and professional supplies to apply, either by the same caregiver, nurse or a specialist sporadically depending on the complexity.