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Should You Prefer Gender Specific Addiction Treatment Center? 


Actually, there exists certain biological and sociological differences between men and women as far as drug addictions are concerned. Also, men are more likely to abuse drugs as compared to women. Usually, men and women take drugs due to different reasons. Due to all these factors, treatment for men and women are carried out in a different manner. 

Therefore, men may prefer men only rehab centers in order to get quick relief from addiction. Following are few reasons why you may get advantage of preferring gender specific addiction treatment center.

1. Overcoming expectations

There are different expectations of society from men, which does not accept men as a victim. Men only treatment groups will eliminate those expectations and will accept the reality.  

2. Comfort in your treatment environment

For many addicts, a male only environment will be much safer and friendlier, and hence it will be more inclined to create a better trust and bonding as well.

3. Sharing your experiences among your own gender

In many aspects of their life men will feel more comfortable to share about their experiences with some other men rather than women, which can also help in their treatment and recovery.

4. Lessening of judgement

Men only settings can provide an environment where there will be less judgement. One can share their experiences more openly like feeling of disappointment or failures, which is important for successful treatment.

5. Reduces time in dealing with various gender issues

Men and women both have their own gender specific issues while approaching treatment and male only group will reduce the focus on women’s issues. This will enable sharper focus on men and their own issues. 

6. Can be involved in gender specific sports

Most rehab facilities offer men to indulge in different sports to bridge social distance between all participants. With participation in men’s sport activities better social bonding can be established.