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Perfect Choices for the Proper Colonic Irrigation


During the three days prior to the study, a diet containing a specific slag should be followed. Foods that cause increased gas production and foods high in fiber and protein should be excluded from the diet.

So it’s forbidden to eat:

  • fresh fruits and vegetables (in particular cabbage, beans, beets, carrots, apples and bananas)
  • fresh rye and white bread
  • green
  • oatmeal, barley and millet porridge
  • black coffee, kvass, sparkling water
  • sausages, fatty meat and fish.

Allowed to use:

  • yogurt
  • liquid soups
  • oil
  • cheese
  • semolina and rice porridge
  • lean fish and white meat, steamed.

Two days prior to treatment, drink at least two liters of fluid per day (unless contraindicated). In the evening (after 6 pm) on the eve of the survey it is necessary to give up water and food.

Intestinal cleansing

The reliability of the test results depends directly on how well the intestines are cleansed. Therefore, a single diet is not sufficient to produce high quality images in the colonic irrigation chiang mai process. The colon should be thoroughly cleaned.

Bowel cleansing is effected in two stages:

  • taking special laxatives
  • sequential enema.

Laxatives specifically designed for the diagnosis of gastrointestinal disorders:

One of these drugs was taken as directed or according to a system prescribed by the attending physician. The drugs “Fleet”, “Fortrans” and “Lavacol” have age restrictions. They are contraindicated for children under 15.


Cleansing enemas is then placed in a natural intestine movement after taking laxatives. The enema is applied twice in the evening on the eve of examination and twice in the following morning.

The enema is performed according to the following diagram:

  • 1.5 liters of warm boiled water to enter the intestine with an Esmarch cup.
  • Lift the pelvis so that water does not accidentally escape the anus.
  • Wait 10 minutes and empty the bowels.
  • Repeat this process several times until the running water is clear.

The water used to clean the intestine, the temperature should be just below body temperature. Otherwise, part of the liquid absorbed by the intestinal wall. In a video provided by Kaik-1, Russian honorary doctor LZ Ginzburg talks about preparing for an irrigoscope.

What to bring to the survey

You need to take with you:

  • in the direction of
  • passport and health insurance
  • bed or disposable diaper
  • Of toilet paper
  • free lingerie.

A light sandwich or nutritious bar that is taken with you for an irrigoscope is useful because enema greatly weakens your body.

How is intestinal irrigography performed?

The colon is a hollow body capable of transmitting X-rays. However, the intestine itself is not visible on X-rays. Therefore, during the study, a contrast medium (mostly barium sulfate), which is filled in the intestine by a special device, is used.