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Organic face serum or cream: what are the differences?


How many times have you been able to hesitate in front of your cosmetic department between a face cream and a serum? This happens very often and that’s why we thought a little help would be welcome. What type of facial care should be preferred? How to distinguish them? Serum or cream, we will help you in your choice. You can also check best whitening cream in Pakistan which surely help you to get best results.

What is a serum?

Concentrated and targeted care

Serum is a cosmetic formulation which designates a composition rich in active ingredients. The latter is very concentrated and can combine several properties or offer only one. Anti-wrinkle serum, anti-dark spot serum, anti-aging serum … There is a multitude of concentrated treatments to meet targeted needs. Nevertheless, one action is generally common to all these serums (specific or not): hydration.

And the organic serum? What is the difference with the classic serum?

In terms of composition, just as there are organic face creams, it is possible to favor the natural by adopting an organic serum. This treatment allows you to benefit from the benefits of active ingredients of biological origin, but not only.

It also makes it possible to limit as much as possible any ingredient liable to attack the skin and pollute the environment. Royal jelly, aloe vera, argan oil… Here are some examples of substances appreciated for their anti-aging or moisturizing properties. They can be present in the composition of an organic face serum with recognized effectiveness, whatever your skin type.

What are the differences between a serum and a cream?

The composition

These two types of care are composed of active ingredients to meet a specific need: hydration, repair, smoothing of features, anti-wrinkle action, etc. The proportion of active substances is greater in a cream than in a serum which contains more water (approximately 50 to 75% of the composition).

The texture

Whatever the type of care ( anti-aging , anti-wrinkle, moisturizer, etc.), the cream benefits from a generally denser texture. However, some creams are known to be light, such as rose creams. As for the serum, its appearance is more fluid and very light, almost translucent. It penetrates much more easily into the epidermis to act in depth. Two or three drops are enough, unlike a cream where you will apply a small amount on the face.


In general, it is rather advisable to combine the two treatments. Focusing on the complementarity of the serum and the cream optimizes the effectiveness of the desired effect. Here are our daily application tips:

  1. Cleanse your face using organic rose water.
  2. Apply the serum in a very thin layer and allow it to penetrate.
  3. Apply your day or night cream.

In summary, we can remember that the serum is a more concentrated and more targeted treatment than the cream. Very light and fluid, the texture of the serum ensures deep penetration into the epidermis. By combining the use of both types of care (e.g. serum and anti-wrinkle cream), you give your skin more chances to achieve the desired result.