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How TCM Views Colds & Flu


Common colds and flu are viral infections that impact our respiratory system. Many times, we see people taking anti-biotics that treat bacterial infections, not viral infections. Overuse of prescription antibiotics can deplete your beneficial bacteria, making us less resistant to infections. Over the counter medicines might override out symptoms, however they won’t assist your system fight it off. Chinese medicine can help reduce both the signs and symptoms and the duration.

Tone the Defensive Qi

We have an idea in Chinese medicine called Wei Qi which is our external defense system that shields us from pathogenic pressures, like the attacking viral infections. Which, if you consider it, kind of resembles our body immune system!

If you’re someone who gets ill easily and regularly, it would be practical to begin treatment a season before flu-season to increase your immune system and reinforce your Wei Qi. Do visit your family physician to get Chinese medicine for flu at least 2 weeks before the onset of the flu season. Unlike western medicine, there are no fixed prescriptions, rather the physician will look at your body composition before recommending particular natural herbs and precautions to take.

Among our preferred formulas we use for this is called Yu Ping Feng San, which equates to “Guard Against The Wind”– think of wind as the carrier for air-borne virus that affect our respiratory system. Using a headscarf is a simple way of protecting the neck from the cold wind.

Steps You Can Take Daily

There are some nutritional and way of living recommendations we like to give to our clients, which you can do in your home:.

Get plenty of rest

Raise the quantity of rest you obtain. Here’s a handy blog on just how to discover your periodic sleep rhythm.

Keep warm

Take a warm shower or epsom salt bath. Put on warm clothing and secure your neck with a headscarf.

Keep moisturized, drink warm liquids and tea

A periodic favorite is warm water with a few sprigs of thyme, rosemary, and a squeeze of lemon. Thyme and rosemary both have antiviral and anti-bacterial properties, while lemon has a high content of immune system boosting Vitamin C.

Soups and stews

Chicken soup really is a fantastic dish for combating a cold, with electrolytes in the broth, acrid onions to produce a light sweat, and chicken for nourishing Qi. Here is a lovely dish that includes Chinese natural herbs, too.

Sooth your throat

Elderberry lozenges can assist to calm the throat; here is a dish for homemade elderberry syrup.


When we catch ourselves overthinking or fretting too much it can undermine our wellness. To get more information concerning relaxation, we have a meditation blog for you to review.