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Five Symptoms that tell you that you need undergo atrial fibrillation treatment


A lot of people feel stressed after a day’s work. You might also feel breathless after you climb a few stairs. These symptoms are common for the majority of us. But you never know you might be suffering from atrial fibrillation and might be just one step away from having a major stroke. Before we dive into the five symptoms that will tell you that you need an atrial fibrillation treatment, you need to watch

Author: Dr Syed Ahsan, Cardiologist at Barts Heart Centre, part of Bartholomew’s Hospital. https://theheartclinic.london/  

this video will help you gain a better understanding of what it is. Inlay man’s terms, it is a heart rhythm disorder caused by irregular heartbeats.

Five symptoms of atrial fibrillation

Here are five common symptoms of atrial fibrillation that will tell you that you need to see a doctor immediately.


This is a symptom that we most likely overlook. People with atrial fibrillation might feel weak after doing physical activities. The difference is this weakness tends to persist even after they have rested for a while. So if you have walked a mile and are gasping for breath, it is normal, but if you feel that your heartbeat doesn’t go back to normal even after resting for a while, you might have to see a heart specialist.

Not being able to exercise

Exercising is a part of your daily routine. Facing minor body pain after a rigorous workout session is quite normal, but the problem arises when you face difficulties even doing the slightest exercises. Therefore, if you are facing difficulties slow jogging or gasping for breath after a few rounds of skipping, you should know that it’s an indication that you might need atrial fibrillation treatment. Not being able to exercise is a sure sign that your health needs immediate attention. We suggest you should immediately pay a visit to a medical practitioner to gauge the seriousness of the problem.


There are numerous reasons for fatigue. The most common reason that people are unaware of is they might be suffering from atrial fibrillation. They feel stressed out that this ailment causes irregular heartbeat because blood does not flow smoothly from the veins. This leads to the accumulation of lactic acid in the vein that causes fatigue.


Another common symptom that is an indication of atrial fibrillation is feeling dizzy. Yes, it is true that it is a common symptom that you sense whenever you feel weak. Still, suppose you are continuously feeling dizzy at all times of the day before or after meals,. or you are sensing perspiration on your forehead along with feeling dizzy. In that case, you will know that there might be a need to head for atrial fibrillation treatment. We suggest seeing a heart specialist immediately.

Shortness of breath

Shortness of breath is when you feel you cannot breath. It is the surest symptom of atrial fibrillation. This happens because the heart finds difficulty in pumping blood; thus, there is a lack of oxygen.

Chest Pain

Another obvious symptom of atrial fibrillation is chest pain. It is a common symptom that indicates heart problems. Any problem that may disrupt the functionality of the heart might result in chest pain. But in most cases, you sense chest pain when you need to head for atrial fibrillation treatment.

Therefore if you witness any of these signs, we suggest you should immediately see a doctor.