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Exciting Facts about Peptide Therapy


In your quest for anti-aging, you deserve expert treatment to keep up the healthy, vibrant look which increases your self-confidence. For integrative autoimmune disorders care near Fresno, you should contact Dr. Guzman of North Fresno Primary Care for top-notch treatment.

About Dr. Ignacio Guzman

Dr. Ignacio Guzman is the leading practitioner in anti-aging in Fresno, California. He is a certified physician in peptide therapy from the American Academy of Anti-aging medicine. Dr. Guzman presently works at North Fresno Primary Care and specializes in integrative and regenerative medicine. The passionate doctor will improve your health by balancing different chemical and biological compounds in your body. He attained his degree from the University of San Diego, California, and has worked at the Center for Disease Control. He continues to broaden his knowledge and training to this day.

Available Services

Dr. Ignacio offers a wide range of services such as:

Peptide Therapy-this is a new development in medicine that adopts the use of amino acids in the body to promote healing and wellness. Peptide therapy is the process of supplementing more peptides in the body to induce a particular process. Most peptide therapies are administered in shots, and you may also receive it through creams, pills, or nasal sprays. This treatment can help manage biological functions such as promoting weight loss, boosting the immune system, building more muscle, and increasing sexual performance. It is also applicable in recovering from surgeries and injuries as they improve blood clotting, tissue healing and repair, and reduce overall inflammation.

IV Therapy-IV therapy is the delivery of minerals and vitamins through an intravenous drip. The combination applied is dependent on your objective or what your body needs. It means to nourish the body and can be used to boost your energy and immune system, manage a hangover, detox, recover from sports injuries, and speed up muscle recovery.

Bioidentical Hormones-hormones are the main communication system of the body. They are used to boost the immune system, stimulate libido levels, digest food, and coordinate numerous bodily functions. This therapy involves the use of artificial hormones sourced from plant estrogens. Bioidentical hormones are more popular because they are more natural and safer compared to synthetic hormones. Treatment is done through injections, patches, pills, gels, and creams.

Joint Injections-also known as cortisone shots. They are used in the treatment of irritated, inflamed joints. A joint injection is used in treating inflammation-induced conditions such as subacromial bursitis, plantar fasciitis, tennis or golfer’s elbow, and involve outpatient procedures.

Men’s Sexual Dysfunction-this This is the inability to get or maintain a firm enough erection to achieve penetration during sexual intercourse. Treatment involves a non-invasive, low-intensity sound wave passing through erectile tissue. This, in turn, helps restore the natural erectile function of the penis. Soundwave therapy helps the body in improving sensitivity, increased stamina, promoting a more durable erection, boosting self-confidence, and enabling quicker recovery after sexual orgasms. This non-invasive treatment aims to help men maintain their sexual health.

If you want to learn more about peptide therapy and the above-listed services, call or book an appointment with Dr. Ignacio Guzman of North Fresno Primary Care for the best treatment.