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Dental Fillings –How Do They Fall Out, Why, And What Can You Do?


Are you unsure of what to do in the event that your dental filling falls out? First and foremost, remember to unwind and maintain your composure. Although it can be somewhat unexpected, fillings can come out on occasion. Whether it’s a resin composite, gold filling, metallic filling, or composite material filling, just be careful not to swallow it if you feel something hard that should not be there while eating.

The next step is easy now that the scary part is over: Make an appointment with a dentist in Uptown Phoenix, AZ, today.

How Do Dental FIllings Fall Out?

After years of intense pressure, fillings may eventually loosen and fall out on their own due to tooth decay or other factors. Bruxism, excessive biting pressure, plaque accumulation, and vigorous flossing can all occasionally cause a filling to come out.

It is crucial to remember that teeth often fall out during eating. When it occurs, you might feel the crown or the filling in your mouth. Although it is not an urgent situation, it can hurt. The best course of action is to preserve the crown and bring it to a dental clinic.

What Can Cause Dental Fillings To Fall Out?

Dental fillings are meant to last for years or even decades, but there could be a number of reasons why yours fell out, such as:

  1. Deterioration or cavities: These conditions may weaken the structure of a tooth and raise the risk of a filling falling out.
  2. Broken or cracked tooth: A filling may come out as a result of pressure from a broken or cracked tooth.
  3. Teeth clenching or grinding: Excessive pressure from bruxism (teeth grinding) can cause fillings to come loose or fall out.
  4. Age: Fillings may wear down or become loose over time, increasing the risk of them falling out.
  5. Inadequate upkeep and attention: Fillings coming loose can be increased by poor oral hygiene, infrequent dental exams, and irregular teeth cleanings.

What Can You Do If Your Filling Falls Out?

Make sure the filling comes out along with the crown when it does fall out to prevent someone from biting on it and breaking a different tooth before you can get to the dentist. You will experience pain and might damage your teeth if you chew on a filling.

If you would like, you can bring the filling with you when you visit the dentist, but we usually replace fillings that fell out in one appointment. To make sure everything is in order, we will also look for any additional causes for the filling to fall out that might be connected to other oral health issues.