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Dealing with Substance Addiction


You probably started with a cold beer one Friday evening. Then two. Eventually, you lost track of the count. Deeply immersed in the murky waters of addiction, you can’t seem to find your footing again. You didn’t see it coming – nobody did. Somehow, you have realized how deep you’ve gone, and you want out. Acceptance of your addiction habit is the first step in your recovery journey. The journey in overcoming addiction is a gradual process with therapy and medical intervention. You can go to Calabasas inpatient treatment to help you through overcoming your addiction. Below is how you can effectively overcome your addiction for good.

Deliberate Decision to Change

Accepting it within yourself to deal with your addiction is a step forward towards recovery. A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step – and you have now begun your journey. Have a specific goal in mind. Do you want to quit the addictive behavior completely? Your goal will help you put into practice remedies to facilitate your success.

Prepare Yourself

Preparations include avoiding triggers that can pull you back into your addictive behavior. Is it your friends? Surrounding yourself with people who take part in your addictive behavior is detrimental to your recovery process. Find a support group with like-minded individuals who are also sailing in the same boat. You will find that they help you in sharing similar experiences and battles in overcoming your addiction.

Quitting can give you several experiences. For instance, you might find the journey liberating, which can motivate you further to recover fully. On the other hand, you might also experience difficulty and painful scenarios, which might trigger you to stop your recovery process altogether. However, talk to your doctor, family, and friends who will help you stay motivated towards your course.

The Treatment

When battling addiction, it is essential to seek help from trained professionals who will guide you. The treatment options include medical and psychological treatment tailored specifically for you. Everyone reacts differently to different treatments. Therefore you need to find the best facility that guarantees you individualized treatment.

The treatment approaches can include cognitive-behavioral therapy, family therapy, eye movement desensitization, reprocessing therapy, yoga, art therapy, mindful interventions, among others. 

Overcoming Withdrawal

It is normal to experience withdrawal symptoms in your journey of attaining sobriety. The withdrawal symptoms can give you extreme discomfort. During this time, it is extremely important to avoid triggers that can pull you back, as effects from overdose are severe. Talk to your doctor, who will advise you on effective treatment for conditions you might experience during withdrawal.

What About a Relapse?

Extreme cravings can trigger you into a relapse. Additionally, never assume that you are in complete control of your addictive behavior to tempt you back to use. The assumption that one drink or minimal drug use is negligible is harmful to your recovery. Avoid any triggers that can make you relapse.

In your quest to attain sobriety, avoid replacing another addictive behavior with filling the void. Pursue activities and new behaviors that make you happy and build you as an individual. Your relationships with those around you might change. However, be keen to pursue relationships that only help you grow. Negative influence is a drawback in overcoming your addictions.