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Caring for Your Skin After a Chemical Peel


If you have just had a chemical peel in Memphis, you have to pay attention to the after-care. Chemical peels have immense benefits including reducing hyper-pigmentation, making your skin brighter, and improving the health and vibrancy of your skin. Keep the following tips in mind when creating your after-treatment plan. 

Don’t Touch Your Skin

The primary purpose of a chemical peel is pulling up your damaged skin cells to reveal healthy skin underneath. When you notice the dead skin shedding, do not touch or scratch it. Allow it to peel off naturally and minimize contact as much as possible. If you use your fingers to remove the peeling skin, you will likely end up with scars. 

Moisturize Moderately

Even though you should avoid touching the treatment area, it is okay to moisturize. Remember that your skin will be sensitive, and some products may be too harsh. If you are unsure, provide your aesthetician with a list of the ingredients in your products, and they will help you determine the right moisturizers for you. The right moisturizer should be bland and comfortable. Remember that no amount of moisturizer will be enough to keep your skin from looking and feeling dry. It is a normal part of the peeling process. 

After getting a chemical peel, the only products you need are a thin layer of moisturizer and some sunscreen. You can go back to your routine once the peeling stops. 

Allow the Skin to Peel Naturally

The peeling process should happen naturally. Do not try to pull it or rub it off. It is only okay to exfoliate when the skin is no longer sensitive. Your aesthetician may help you choose the right exfoliating products. If you touch your skin with dirty hands, you may have an infection or breakouts. If you experience breakouts, do not attempt to treat them at home. Seek the help of an aesthetician as soon as possible.

Wear Sunscreen When Out

The right sunscreen after a chemical peel procedure should be of SPF 30 or higher. It protects your new skin, which is vulnerable and sensitive. It is also wise that you minimize exposure to the sun as much as you can. 

Proper Skin Care

After your skin has healed and gone back to normal, you can continue to use your regular products. Use an exfoliator and moisturizer to prolong the effects of the procedure. Proper skincare keeps your skin radiant and youthful. 

Don’t Worry About It

Even though your skin will look dry and flaky after a chemical peel, do not worry about it. When the peeling process is over, and your skin is no longer too sensitive, the results will be worth your investment.


If you have any concerns or questions about your skin after a chemical peel procedure, get help from your aesthetician immediately. If anything is wrong, they will help you resolve it as soon as possible. Do not try to fix any problems by yourself.  Proper after-care helps you get maximum value for your investment.