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Can You Get Marijuana Delivered in Massachusetts? For Health


Have you ever been at home without any bud, but also without a way to get to your local dispensary? It’s happened to even the most prepared users. Fortunately, cannabis delivery is available in the Commonwealth, with a few stipulations. Here’s what you need to know about how you can get weed delivered in Massachusetts.

Laws on Marijuana Delivery in Massachusetts

Before having your cannabis delivered, it’s important to understand the laws on weed delivery and what you can expect when a dispensary representative comes to your home to bring your marijuana products.

Medical Marijuana Delivery

Medical marijuana delivery in Massachusetts has been available for a long time to patients that live within a certain distance from their local dispensary. While not all dispensaries offered this service, many did. This was of great service to patients who were disabled and couldn’t easily get to the dispensary to pick up their medication and still is. Some dispensaries will offer free delivery for patients with a Massachusetts medical marijuana card.

Recreational Marijuana Delivery

Up until 2021, recreational cannabis could only be purchased in-store with cash. Now, a few adult-use dispensaries are able to offer delivery services; 11 companies have been licensed to deliver marijuana products as of July. More licenses are expected to be issued to a select number of dispensaries to adequately serve the population of Massachusetts’ communities.

Things to Know When Getting Your Marijuana Delivered

Because marijuana can only be purchased in cash by individuals over the age of 21 with a valid ID or driver’s license, delivery requires verification before the transaction can be completed. While having your cannabis products brought directly to your home is convenient, it’s not quite the same as ordering groceries or takeout.

Here are some things to expect:

  •     Massachusetts law requires every dispensary delivery vehicle to be staffed by at least two people and must be equipped with GPS technology
  •     There must also be a secure storage area in the vehicle that is locked at all times unless opening and closing the unit to remove a customer’s products while stopped
  •     Staff members are required to wear body cameras to record all transactions for your safety and theirs
  •     You’ll need to provide your government-issued driver’s license or ID; it must be undamaged and valid

Get High-Quality Marijuana Products Delivered to Your Door From a Trusted Source

Knowing where your cannabis is coming from is important; when it’s being delivered directly to your door, trusting your dispensary becomes even more important. Look for MA dispensaries that have been delivering medical marijuana to patients for years and have a good reputation.