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Best Running Gear You Should Own this Year


Running has been the best exercise in form of cardio for fitness enthusiasts or someone and people who are into the sports field. There are a lot of complications faced for a simple running session which can be made better with the right equipment. So, here is a list of running gear you should own this year, to make your running session much more enjoyable and easy.

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Suunto 9 Baro Watch

This smart wearable is a device that has got a built in GPS loaded in it, making it your perfect running companion. It not only shows you various running tracks around but also tracks your session intelligently with steps taken and distance covered. It has got you covered with its great battery life as well. 

Oiselle Bae Bra

For all the ladies who are into running, always want something soft for the skin and yet durable enough to go through the washing process every day. This is great choice for all the ladies who wanted to have frequent running sessions without affecting their skin.

Solomon Ultra Trail Shoes

These trail shoes are one of the best companions for running. This is one of the most primary running gears one should own. If you are planning to upgrade then consider these to be on the top of your list for their great sole quality and lightweight design. 

Apple Air pods 

These are arguably one of the most popular electronic devices to be featured in context of music and audio. These are truly wireless earbuds that connect to your smartphone and gives a playback time of up to 12 hours with its power bank case. The design is perfect for running and does not come off the ear easily. You can also choose to use its auto play and pause features to enhance your experience. 

Bodbud Running Belt

The running belt for mobile

This is essentially a utility belt that makes your running session easier by holding your essentials in it. This belt can store up to a few goodies that you might need handy. With good grip and comfortable fitting, you should not miss out on this amazing gear for running. The straps are adjustable with various fitting options which makes it a great product for everyone.

Black Diamond Icon Headlamp

An unusual running gear but comes handy when you have a habit of having running sessions after the dark. This bright headlamp makes it much easier for you to complete your running session without tripping on the track. It is also lightweight and easy to carry while running that makes it a great product to own. You can also choose to charge it in the day time and use it by night since it has got a rechargeable battery pack.

All these running gears are favourites of some of the most popular athletes and is admired by a lot of sportsmen for the utility and its budget. Try them out according to your need to enhance your running session’s experience.