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Anadrol For Sale – How Does It Help our Bodies?


Famously known as ‘A-Bomb’ or ‘Anabolic Bomb’ has a reputation of being one of the safest Anabolic Steroids on the market. The chemical component it is comprised of is ‘Oxymetholone’. In the medical sector, this drug has been used to treat ailments such as HIV/AIDS wasting syndrome, osteoporosis, and anemia. And in the fitness industry, it is used for both muscle growth and weight gain.

First described in 1959 and used by a medical professional in the 60s in the United States, it is also used to improve overall fitness levels and physique an has been a controlled substance now available in multiple countries. Known to boost workouts and athletic capability by almost 30% it is used in conjunction with a healthy diet.

What Is in Anadrol-50

This is the option that is widely available and used amongst professional athletes and competitive weightlifters, who have seen a noticeable difference in both endurance and strength whilst taking it (orally) regularly.

Because it increases red blood cells in the body at an outstanding rate, it helps people who have an iron deficiency. It also improves your appetite which results in eating more food and weight gain promoting mass and not wasting it. Learn more about this on the online source https://www.healthfitnessdrug.com/anadrol/

The exact medical formula of this substance is 2-hydroxy methylene-17α-methyl-4,5α dihydrotestosterone. This formula helps with active protein synthesis and users have seen results within as short a period as 8 weeks. But the only down-side to it is that effects are reduced once you stop taking it, and this is why the advice is to take it along with another steroid such as Winstrol for instance so it keeps the results constant plus combining the two can add an extra energy-boost to your training routines, making it easier for you to work out for longer periods, rather than getting tired easily, as you would without taking it.

This 17aa steroid version brings astonishing bio-availability but, at the same time, has some mild toxic effects on your liver. It is because of this one needs to have strict control over ingesting it, and needs to be careful not to over-dose on it.


The Link Between Anadrol and Lack of Oxygen

It is interesting to find out how this drug works once it is ingested to make the most of it and know exactly what’s going on. By taking it orally, you increase the chances of red blood cells production, when red blood cells are increased in the body it results in more oxygen too, which is transferred throughout your body, helping to fight the bad cells and giving your respiratory system a boost, not to mention oxygen in the brain is good for you too. Because your brain takes up at least 25% of your body’s oxygen reserves, it is important to keep level optimum and when your bran has sufficient amounts of it, it helps your body to function better and makes you feel good too. When it lacks it, something called “brain or cerebral hypoxia” can occur which leads to a decline in cognitive behavior, your movements get hindered (definitely not something you want during your routine training sessions) and poor judgment as well, and these are just the low-risk symptoms. The high-risk symptoms include respiratory failure which would need emergency medical treatment.

When using it for fitness proposes, the high oxygen levels help in boosting your immunity and homeostasis and once the levels are corrected it leads to a process called ‘cytokinesis’ which leads to more muscle

A high level of RBC in your body brings an instant immunity boost, also much-wanted homeostasis improvement. Both ingredients are essentials for bodybuilders. As soon as your body has the right amount of nutrients and oxygen, then it helps in the kick-start of cytokinesis (a vital step of cell propagation) and what you get at the end is more muscle anabolism and quicker recovery time between your workouts.

Overall Benefits

As we have seen this is quite a powerful substance to be used if your serious about changing your body or when entering any competitive sports. In a quick re-cap below are all the benefits you can get with combining this supplement with other correct ones plus having a healthy diet and getting enough sleep:

  • Increased Strength – due to high levels of red blood cells and oxygen. Enhances your workouts making you less tired and increase your ability to lift heavier weights over time.
  • Increase in Red Blood Cells – Because it is easy to suffer from fatigue during gym sessions or competitions, it re-energizes you by stimulating your kidneys cells and producing erythropoietin (oxygen and protein synthesis) which helps you get back up again much easier.
  • An upsurge in Stamina Levels – if you have more stamina you can get more done and go further in your development, plus you don’t need to feel sore after any of your workouts as it helps quicken muscle recovery times and you can be back in the gym the next day.
  • Boost in Muscle Mass – one of the main reason people use it is that it heightens muscle gain a lot more than any other steroids on the market. Alongside a healthy diet, it is used for weight gain.
  • Lower levels of SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) – Lowers levels of SHBG resulting in an increase in Testosterone levels which leads to more muscles. Find out more about this online source here.

The Different Brand Names for Anadrol

Most medical supplements or substances are branded under various names but have the same chemical components, this one goes by many names too but are all the same thing. To see what these are we have included a list below for you.

Anadrol, Anasterona Anapolon, , Anadroyd, , Anasterone, Androlic, Androyd, Anasteronal Hemogenin, Nastenon, , Oxitosona, Oxitoland Oxybolone, Oxyanabolic.

As with any drug or supplements on the market, even though some of these are easily accessible via online ordering, it is always advisable to seek professional advice on the one that fits your lifestyle and goals the best.