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A Quick Introduction to Functional Medicine


Functional medicine has been catching the attention of people in recent years. Something is appealing about the thought of being able to find out and properly address the causes of certain health conditions and illnesses. 

But what is it exactly and how can it help you achieve your health goals? If you’re curious about Denver functional medicine, read on to find out some of the more basic facts about it. 

Taking A Look at the Big Picture

Functional medicine essentially aims to provide a holistic form of treatment for the patient. For this to be possible, they should be able to look at the various factors affecting the daily life, routines, and health of the patient. They don’t just limit the observation to physical symptoms and conditions but also try to seek answers in the patient’s mental, emotional, and even spiritual well-being. 

Even the most seemingly innocuous daily habits are considered possible sources of relevant information for the functional medicine practitioner. In other words, it’s as comprehensive as it possibly can get.

What are Functional Medicine Doctors?

Essentially, functional medicine doctors are also health practitioners, trained and well-versed in conventional medical practice and training. The difference, however, is that they expand their examination of the patient’s health into other areas of health and condition that may not necessarily be immediately related to the primary complaint. 

In carrying out their consultation, a functional medicine doctor needs to know about the timeline of the development of the condition. Questions typically would include the first types of symptoms that showed up, when they first showed up, if it affected any other condition on the patient, such as sleep patterns, mood, or other physical manifestations. 

Queries on one’s lifestyle, and even the current status of personal relations and professional networks may also be affected, if only because these are considered to be potential sources of stress. Depending on the finding of this consult, the doctor can then come up with a more accurate diagnosis and, thus, a more appropriate treatment plan. 

When to Consult with a Functional Medicine Doctor

As they are trained in the ways of conventional medicine, you can approach them for a variety of health issues, ranging from chronic pain conditions such as arthritis, or even depression. You can also come to them for preventative care. 

They are also great options if you’re undergoing treatment from a conventional medicine practitioner but you do not feel like the deeper health issues are being addressed. Set a consult today to know more about it, and find out if it’s the solution you’re looking for.