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8 Tips for Choosing a Bariatric Surgeon


Bariatric Surgery, a medical term used for weight loss surgery. The term weight loss and surgery in a single sentence create millions of doubts regarding its success rate, post-surgical complications, cost of surgery and mainly regarding the surgeon who will be performing the surgery. This article will help you in choosing the best bariatric surgeon from Tijuana.

  1. Gather Referrals:  Start your search for the bariatric surgeon by gathering referrals. Ask the health care professional around you to recommend you some of the best bariatric surgeons in Tijuana. Referrals can be collected from your friends and family too. The best source for collecting referrals is healthcare and medical websites.
  2. Search for Bariatric Surgeon’s Qualification: Make sure to choose the Bariatric surgeon holding board certification. The credentials are proof that the surgeon is well-trained, has skills and experience. Also, check that the surgeon has no history of malpractice or disciplinary acts.
  3. Choose an Experienced Bariatric Surgeon: Bariatric surgery can be complicated in certain situations, and when it comes to complication experience always matters. Hence, it is always better to choose the bariatric surgeon having experience of about 25 surgeries per year. Also, confirm that the surgeon has the experience of handling complications during surgery and discuss your risk of complications.
  4. Gender Consideration: If possible, consider the like gender Bariatric surgeon of Tijuana region. A same-gender surgeon might ease your awkwardness and make you feel comfortable while discussing personal information. Like gender, the surgeon will also provide you with psychological support.
  5. Hospital Quality and Location: Hospital quality and maintenance play an important role in handling complications. A hospital with proper hygiene and good maintenance has fewer complication rates due to post-surgical infections and related issues. Location is also an important factor as you will be having frequent visits for follow-up treatment.
  6. Consider Communication Style: Choose the surgeon who can make you feel comfortable and who is capable of solving your every query with patience. You can also consider bariatric surgeon speaking the native language of the Tijuana region.
  7. Evaluate Previous reviews: Collect the insights from the surgeon’s previous clients/ patients. Reading comments of other patients and about their experience gives you an idea about the doctor and help you in building trust in the treatment process.
  8. Know About Insurance Cover: Insurance cover is an important factor, choose a surgeon who voluntarily participates and shows interest in your insurance policy. You should consider experience, hospital quality, credentials and outcomes as you choose your surgeon.