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7 Amazing health benefits of Iyengar yoga


The world is becoming more health-conscious and people are keener to adapt to a healthy lifestyle and habits. With the increasing awareness of healthy living, the importance of workout is at its peak. Different types of workouts are being formed and are performed with different objectives. Among all these workouts, yoga is one form that has gained maximum popularity in the past few years. It is considered a complete workout that stimulates as well as balances your entire being including body, mind, and soul. Yoga is a primitive practice that also has many different forms. One of the most popular and effective forms is Iyengar yoga. It is easy to understand and follow and you can also practice Iyengar yoga at home by watching video guides. Iyengar yoga is considered to have tremendous power to heal and improve your body. Here are some out of its countless benefits that are most prominent.


  • Enhance flexibility


Iyengar yoga can make your body super flexible. Many exercises and yoga asanas would make you bend and touch your toe which can be different for a person with a stiff body. However, it is not necessary for Iyengar yoga but it can gradually make you able to do that. It implements a slow approach by involving you in stretches poses and holding them. The use of props also makes it easier for all from beginners to pros. You can develop flexibility without pain and injuries.


  • Tone muscles


The practice requires you to stretch and hold the yoga poses which build muscular strength and make your body toned. Unlike other workouts that target a specific body part or selected muscles, Iyengar yoga engages the entire body and helps you achieve a completely toned experience.


  • Soothe mind


Iyengar yoga needs you to be in the moment. Focussing on your pose and alignment is an important component of every asana. This takes all other thoughts away from your mind while practicing. For that reason, it is considered equivalent to meditation and makes you calmer and more at peace.


  • Reduce pain


Most of the time, the back and neck pain originates from the stiffness or weakness of muscles. The stretching poses of Iyengar yoga provide strength to your muscles and make them more flexible. With stronger and malleable muscles you would feel a significant reduction in back and neck pain.


  • Improve body posture


This yoga concentrates on alignments and involves all your leg, back, and core muscles including the smaller and often ignored ones. This helps you improve your posture. You will gradually notice that you can stand and sit straight that in turn boost energy level and reduce pain.


  • Prevent diseases


In primitive science, a disease is considered a condition that results when the normal processes of the body are disturbed. Iyengar yoga improves overall body functioning including the digestive system, nervous system, lymph system, and circulatory system. This keeps your organ nourished and eliminates toxins to reduce the risk of falling ill.


  • Improves breathing


One of the important instructions in Iyengar yoga is to focus on your breath while performing each asana. This helps you improve your breathing and enhance the oxygen flow to your brain and other body organs.