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6 Common Health Issues That Affects Seniors


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Getting older is something we prefer not to happen, but it is inevitable anyway. For someone who lives with an aging parent, it can be hard to keep up with their growing needs. Seniors are also prone to many health concerns, which makes it even harder for caregivers to care for them.

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There are things you can do to help your aging parent fight these common health issues like making better lifestyle choices and listening to their doctor’s advice. Also, it helps if your aging parent gets the proper care and attention needed to aid them with their senior needs. Thankfully, there are lots of home healthcare agency houston available. But what are the common health issues encountered by seniors? Here are eight of these health problems.


Many seniors have arthritis, which is a condition that discourages them from being active. By consulting a doctor, they can help you develop a plan and prescribe treatment to ease symptoms associated with arthritis.


Many adults fail to realize they have Hypertension unless it’s too late. It was when they experienced the symptoms that they start making dietary and lifestyle changes to manage their condition. Having Hypertension increases your risk of other serious conditions such as strokes, heart disease or failure, kidney stones, and vascular dementia. If your aging parent has Hypertension, make sure to watch what they eat, advise them to stop smoking, be active, and call in for help as soon as they feel like something is wrong.

Alzheimer’s Disease

It can be challenging to diagnose Alzheimer’s Disease. There is no concrete number as to how many people are suffering from this disease. However, experts believe that cognitive impairment can affect a senior’s health, safety issues, and self-care. It’s why many families of aging parents with Alzheimer’s Disease choose to put their relatives in a home healthcare agency that specializes in caring for patients with this condition.

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This condition is a senior health risk, which caused many deaths of the elderly in the past. However, a simple blood sugar test can help diagnose this disease. The earlier you get your aging parent checked for diabetes, the better chances of assisting them in controlling the risks and improving their senior health.


As we grow older, many of our body also starts to degenerate. When it comes to senior, it is common that your elderly parent’s vision starts to blur. Some may even develop blindness, often caused by a condition called glaucoma. While there are many ways on how to correct these, the best way to fight blindness is via early diagnosis.

Risk For Falls

Many seniors are prone to injuries caused by falls. It is why when you’re living with a senior relative, it pays to make necessary safety precautions to help prevent them from acquiring an injury. Tripping hazards such as rugs and slippery floors and mats need to be reconsidered. It would also be best to put your senior’s room where they don’t need to use the stairs to avoid falls.

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These are just six common conditions seniors are most likely to suffer from. When you find that your aging parent or relative has any medical condition that requires expert care, you can hire senior care services offered by the many home healthcare agency houston such as one in this office location. They can help give the kind of care your elderly parent needs.