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5 Ways To Save Your Marriage In Health


On your wedding day, when you stood up in front of your loved ones and declared your love for your partner, you probably weren’t expecting to break up. Marriages are hard work, and sometimes divorce is what’s needed, but there are still things you can do to save your relationship.

Get Counseling

Often times, all a relationship needs to heal is an unbiased party to mediate discussion. Attending couples counseling Lafayette LA can help you identify the weaknesses in your marriage and address them.

Make Time for Each Other

Life gets busy and prevents you from seeing your spouse as much as you’d like. Work, school, kids, hobbies, family and even pets can get in the way from time to time. If you aren’t getting the quality time you need, plan a date night and stick to it. What you do and how often you do it is different for every couple, but that time to be together and connect is important for a healthy marriage.

Remember the Love Languages

People express and feel love in different ways. These are often categorized into the five love languages: quality time, words of affirmation, physical touch, gifts and acts of service. Remember yours and your partner’s love languages. If you feel and express affection in different ways, you may not be giving your partner what they need. Try to do things that fulfill their needs and tell them what would satisfy yours.


Communication is the foundation of every healthy relationship. Telling your spouse your feelings and listening to theirs will go a long way. Avoid anger and accusations by using statements that start with, “I feel…

Be a Team

Remember to face problems and celebrate victories together. It isn’t you versus your spouse, it’s you and your spouse versus whatever life throws your way.

Getting counseling, making time for each other, remembering the love languages, communicating and working as a team are all ways to reconnect with your partner. They can help you remember why you love each other and work on your problems together