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4 Qualities of a Happy Marriage, Health


Marriage can bring some of the greatest support, stability, strength and joy to your life. Here are four important steps to remember for a successful partnership.

  1. Prioritize Your Relationship

Decide even before your wedding date that your marriage will be a priority for both of you. Have a weekly date night on your calendar and respect that time as you would a work appointment. Take turns planning your date night and find a variety of activities that you both enjoy. As children come along, remember that your marriage is most important. Of course, there will be lots of time given to care for a newborn and plenty of missed sleep. Be sensitive to each other’s needs and talk about creative ways to still spend time together. Remember, kindness is always the best choice.

  1. Divide Household Duties

Sometimes there are conflicts between partners because one does the majority of work inside the home. Over time, there can be resentment if one person feels burdened and unappreciated. Eve Rodsky’s book “Fair Play” is dedicated to creating a system in your home to divide the household duties.

  1. Ask for Help

Just as you would seek medical attention for a broken leg, there are reasons to ask for help with your marriage. If there is a major event such as job loss, an affair or death in the family, don’t hesitate to make an appointment for family therapy services Pennsylvania. Meeting with a therapist can also be a wonderful preventive measure to avoid marital breakdowns; you can learn tools to improve communication and how to deal with conflicts.

  1. Open Finances 

One of the main reasons couples separate is because of financial strain. It is important that both partners understand the income and expenses. Work together to set a family and personal budget and stay within the planned spending.

By keeping open communication in these four areas, your marriage can thrive.