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200 years of Traditional Japanese Herbal Know-how


When it comes to the premium nutriceutical supplement options, then be sure that you can have the best choices from the age old Japanese Hebal options. The leading companies come up with the best choices and options for the same now. The use of the organic resources is there and with the advanced works you can come up with the best deals there. With the new technology and options now you can now come up with the best organic solutions present.

The End Product

Bio 15 happens to be one such choice for you. It is the one containing the finest types of berries, organic herbs, fruits, nuts, mushrooms as well as the different kinds of plants that are used from the farms situated in Brazil. The spring water is used for the whole mixing up of the elements. After the initial choices and processes the whole mix undergoes a natural fermentation process through which a mix of acide bacteria and lactic originates slowly. This is the kind of development that takes place in the perfect environment. The whole process results in the making of the BIO-15 Probiotics.

The Making

The making of this Probiotic product was first conceived in Japan and later the modern technology has given a new formation with the help of the modern medicinal technology. There are 4 main ways through which you can make use of the BIO-15 Probiotics. You can Click for more information about it.

  • The first one in the list is Centrifugation through which the bacterial cell walls are broken and the outright killing of the bacteria. In this process they can even multiply.
  • The second option happen to be Ultrafiltration, which happens to be a process with lots of harm, in spite of the fact that the process is a better one than centrifugation. The bacterial chains experience breakage with this process.
  • The third process in the list is Freeze drying. Here the whole process is dependent on the lightning fast biochemical process of bacteria drying and freezing. The entire freezing process is set on a vacuum. Then the water bodies are removed from it. this results in the minimum damages of the bacteria.
  • The last of these processes is the natural fermentation process through which this BIO-15 is made. Here the entire fermentation process takes place with the aid of the natural elements. This whole process takes as long as 6 years and in this process, the bacteria really grow without any kind of damage. As a result a perfect environment is created where the bacteria can thrive really and when used, they are made in the capsule forms.

When it comes to this making process, the first and foremost thing that is made sure of is the quality. The company making BIO-15 makes it very important that the aspect of quality is never compromised. You can Find our more here now. In order to do that, making use of the following processes is important here.

  • Proper research on the entire level and stepping in to the innovation processes.
  • Quality check on the Raw Materials
  • Time to time analysis in the laboratory

Along with that they also make sure so that the product gets the positive feedback of the customers and for that they make the experiments time and again.