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10 Things Your Gynecologist Wants You To Know


cosmetic gynecologist Nocatee FL are a haven of medical guidance in your many life-altering events.  However, there are things that the Bluebonnet OB/GYN in San Antonio wishes you know to make you feel comfortable in your next meeting. Every time you schedule an appointment, you may feel anxious. Actually, you are not alone in this as many women experience it too.

You Can Visit Often and Early

The first permitted gynecology visit is 13-15 years. The teen undergoes an exam and get introduced to reproductive counseling to ease their initial fears and makes it a normal part of their lives.

You Don’t Need to Groom for Your Visits

To the gynecologist, it doesn’t matter if you have undergone general grooming tendencies. Therefore, there is no need to spend days deciding on things to do before a chat with the doctor. In fact, most gynecologists admit that they hardly notice grooming habits. 

You Don’t Have to Shower Before Going to Your First Appointment

Most women worry about unpleasant discharge, smell, or sweat before their appointments. You can choose to take a bath the previous night. Don’t be too concerned about staying fresh for your appointment. The specialist needs to run exams to know precisely what your problem is and give you appropriate treatment. 

Maintain Good Basic Hygiene

The fewer foreign substances you use the better. Refrain from using cleansing products before the visit as it prevents the specialists from diagnosing your true health problems. Soaps and water are the best way of remaining clean and keeping away infections or irritations. 

Some Bumps Can Be Worse Than Others

There are many things that cause skin bumps such as excessive heat, and ingrown hairs. Go ahead and monitor the bumps you have then discuss those concerns with the gynecologist. 

Regular Itches Are Signs of Problems

Regardless of whether it’s just a minor reaction, don’t take it lightly. Consult your gynecologist. Pay attention to that itching as it can be due to different issues such as an STD infection.

Know The Difference Between Irregular and Normal Discharge

If you do wear a panty liner, you will see normal vaginal discharge which is part of the natural cleansing process. However, if you have a cloudy, excessive, or white discharge, contact your gynecologist immediately. 

You Can Speak Freely with Your Doctor

Gynecologists don’t judge, they offer reproductive counseling and have seen and heard worse things than you have. As vulnerable as you think you are, you should see the doctor as your ally in your reproductive health. Talking to the doctor takes courage which is necessary to discuss issues such as sexual partners, health symptoms, and potential risky behaviors. The work of the doctor is to help you get the treatment you need and they don’t ever judge. 

Be Frank Concerning Birth Control Problems

If you experience something that you find problematic from your birth control, it’s best to discuss it. The specialist can stop you from taking that drug and give you an alternative option. Body chemistry is different in women and the doctor gives you a birth control option that is right for you. 

Freely Discuss Your Reproductive Plans and Concerns

Regardless of whether you want to have a family right away or you simply want to wait, let the gynecologist know. The doctor helps you get an appropriate plan that meets your needs. 

Consult a gynecologist to get advice, counseling, and treatment for a wide range of reproductive health issues. The doctors are sworn to secrecy and never judge their patients. You can discuss anything freely with the gynecologist.