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Steps You Can Take To Recover Safely After an Injury


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Physical activity has many benefits including balance support and muscle strength. It can improve sleep quality and help improve mental health. It can even help prevent chronic disease. There are also numerous types of physical activity such as using equipment at the gym, walking and running outdoors or even joining a sports team. However, any of these activities can result in an injury. Follow these general guidelines to ensure you recover safely after an injury. 

Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation

The first step to recover after an injury is to rest and protect the injury. This includes using ice on the injured area. Wrapping the injured area for compression and elevation will help reduce the swelling. You can also use non-steroidal anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen, which will also help with swelling and pain.

Range of Motion Restoration

The next step is to start gaining your range of motion. A rehabilitation centre Burlington ON can help you get started on a recovery plan. After your injury, you are sore and unable to move as you did before your injury. Take your time recovering full range of motion by slowly using stretching methods and flexibility exercises as prescribed by your physiotherapist.

Strength Restoration

Now it is time to start restoring your strength. When an injury occurs, the time needed for rest and range of motion recovery can deplete your strength. It is necessary to minimize muscle loss. Continue gentle exercise using different techniques to prevent a re-injury. Pool exercises are a great way to strengthen muscles gently. It can also help provide the cardiovascular exercise you have missed during your injury recovery period.

Function Restoration

This stage will help you get back to the physical activity you have been missing. You will work on the specific activities related to what you were doing previously. You may work on balance and coordination lost during your recovery period.

It is imperative to recover the correct way to safely return to your normal activity. Connect with a professional physiotherapist to help you get back on track without a re-injury.