Shipping Refund Policy

Shipping Policy

When you come to deliver ordered products which may have a chance to varies as per the destination of the country. We have national as well as the holidays may get delays of arrival so order will be well packed for the privacy as well as the protection. Each and every product is available to buy from our official website which means that we have everything in stock and deliver on the same day. Each and every order is get deliver within 48 hours but weekend order can deliver on Monday so you can ship comfortably with no trouble of it.

Refund Policy

In case, if you fail to collect order within ten business days, you just contact via email and submit a request over the website. On the other hand, the customer can make use of the helpline and our staff is active to provide full and dedicated support to clear all your worries without meeting any risk of it. If you want to clear all your doubt, just contact us and get the best support and solution at any time.

HealthyMenStore strongly believes the satisfaction of our honorable customers. We have 100% Free re-shipping, In case if you are not happy with the quality of your ordered product after you received it or if your product is destroyed or damaged or defective. For any query contact with our customer care team on the toll-free number and our highly skilled expert will explain you the details that you have to follow to put your request for re-shipping.