Senior Fall Prevention


    One of the greatest risks to seniors is the risk of falling. Falls, and the risk of falling, have a heavy impact on the quality of life for many seniors.

    When seniors have safety items close by, they likely experience improved safety at home, potentially reducing the risk of falls.

    Seniors and falls

    One in every four seniors ages 65 and older experience a fall every year. Falls are the leading cause of non-fatal trauma-related hospital admissions every year, and the leading cause of fatal injuries in older adults.

    Seniors reside at home in higher numbers than previous generations. Age Safe America reveals that 85 percent of seniors have not taken steps to prepare their home for aging.

    Preparing a home for seniors that want to remain independent begins with taking simple, yet crucial steps. Taking safety measures, such as purchasing a medical overbed table, provides a means for seniors to have what they need nearby, particularly at night.

    When you purchase a high quality overbed table, seniors with limited mobility no longer have to wait for someone else to get something for them. This possibly gives seniors with limited mobility a greater sense of independence.

    Why consider a medical overbed table

    Medical overbed tables have come a long way since the early models of a cumbersome table that most seniors likely found too heavy to maneuver. The overbed table system provides exceptional safety features, including a fully adjustable LED light. The table easily rotates to the position that you want it to, with excellent stability features.

    Seniors do not have to get out of bed or out of their recliner to charge their devices. The medical overbed table system offers USB and power outlets, with a cord safety feature. The cord safety feature further minimizes the risk of falling.

    Are you afraid to leave your senior loved one alone at home because your loved one needs to get necessary belongings throughout the day? Breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that the medical overbed table features ample storage space. The table area remains nice and neat, with belongings stored neatly out of sight until your loved one needs them.

    The system around the home

    Seniors, or others that need the convenience of a tray table system, experience the convenience and versatility of easily moving the medical overbed table throughout the home. The sleek design and modern functionality offers unique features not found in older tables.

    The National Council on Aging (NCOA) explains that falls are not an inevitable part of the aging process. The NCOA lists ‘practical lifestyle adjustments’ as a way of reducing falls among seniors. Reduce your risk with an overbed table system.