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The spine naturally has its own curvatures that determine its proper alignment and that, over time, if we are not able to maintain it, end up giving us problems of both functionality and muscle and can affect all the spine itself, back, neck and shoulders.

Many times this misalignment of the spine is caused by some disease suffered throughout our lives, some serious trauma or physical problem that affects the body posture, but many others, is caused by bad habits acquired during our activities of daily living , such as maintaining an inadequate posture for many hours over the years in front of the computer, performing exercises that include weight using an inappropriate technique or even due to some trauma, a low sports practice or a conserved overweight due to bad eating habits. These bad habits that we adopt unconsciously, end up resulting in back, neck and shoulder pain, as well as muscle weakness, contractures, headaches or dizziness, as well as over time if the measures are not taken Proper corrective collapse occurs.

A postural back corrector is a simple garment designed so that the back shoulder and neck remain exerting a gentle traction, in a natural posture respecting the curves of the spine.

The use of a postural corrector stimulates the memory of the muscles around the spine, helping us to correct the bad postural habits learned previously.

Many doctors and health professionals believe that it is advisable to use these correctors in cases such as scoliosis, anterior crusader syndrome or simply in cases of general poor posture in the use of computers and smartphones. It is also common to find people who are going to buy a posture corrector to try to relieve a sword pain, a problem in the spine, etc.

There is a back corrector for men, women and children. The truth is that it does not end only in that. Currently, a back corrector is used for running, for sleeping, for athletes, for the car and an infinity of other variables.

In Posture Lab we know that one of the requirements for good posture is a strong and balanced musculature, and generally the fact of maintaining an inadequate body posture for a long time can cause a misalignment in the spine, which is quite tedious and painful and can atrophy the muscles. To correct this, our postural back correctors are recommended, which have many advantages.

In turn, adopting bad postures is often an unconscious act, but it can have serious consequences. For example, we may experience cervical, back and shoulder pain, contractures, headaches, etc. That is why we must act in time to correct our posture and thus avoid a wide variety of health problems.

Before focusing on the benefits of our posture Lab posture corrector, we must clarify that the postural back corrector is a very simple garment; It has been designed so that both the back, neck and shoulders remain in their natural place, without exerting excessive traction with respect to the spine.

However, you should remember that the use of this tool should not replace therapeutic treatments under any circumstances; such as physical rehabilitation and medical check-up, and that should be used when daily activities require it or as a complement to a treatment of a chronic situation.

Our Posture Lab back correctors are a cross of very flexible bands that surround the shoulders below the armpits and fit in the upper abdomen. These offer gradual traction of the back through the retropulsion of the shoulders.

This model is quite simple and compact, occupying only the shoulder area. Thanks to its design with velcro straps, this is adjustable, so it can be used by anyone, regardless of their height or thickness of the back. It corresponds to two independent bands made of cotton-covered stretch fabric that fit in the abdomen; and, in addition, this posture corrector is quite comfortable thanks to its padded patches and breathable material, which helps to carry it under your clothes without problems because they are more comfortable.

Directly from Australia, this breathable Posture Lab back corrective harness is comfortable and easy to use. It does not squeeze and facilitates the passage of blood. With a cross design it is practical to run and sleep interchangeably.

In case of good use and not presenting a pronounced kyphosis, you will see the first results after the first trimester.

As the name implies, its main function is to improve posture. In fact, using a posture belt you can sit with your back straighter; to achieve a better posture when doing your daily activities; such as writing on the computer.

At first the first postural support models were made of a less versatile and comfortable material. Fortunately, today this has changed; Since breathable materials are used, they are fresher and friendlier to our body.

On the other hand, the postural support for the back is quite light and portable; Therefore, it is very comfortable when handling it. You can even use it without problems while driving on the way home, when doing sports or during household chores.

Basically we can use the postural correctors all day and nobody will notice it since it goes under the shirt; and therefore it is almost invisible to others.

Finally, postural back correctors stimulate the memory of the muscles that are located around the spine; which will help us correct the bad postural habits that we do unconsciously.

So our posture corrector is ideal, since it is also approved by CE, FDA, EUREP & DOC

Ideal if you suffer from kyphosis, back, neck or shoulder pain, our Posture Lab concealer will help you correct your figure. In addition, its adjustable velcro allows it to adapt to your body perfectly, so as your torso gets used to the pressure, the subsequent correction process will begin.

Head over to www.posturelab.com.au to purchase yours now. With a 30 day money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose and plenty to gain.