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Olive Oil With the Treatment Options You Need



Olive oil has been proven to protect health. Researchers are discovering more and more substances in the oil of the Mediterranean fruit, some of which are overwhelming, for example in breast cancer, heart disease, diabetes and more recently in depression and the so-called metabolic syndrome.

Less cancer and heart attack thanks to olive oil

People are healthier in the Mediterranean countries. There are far fewer people suffering from arteriosclerosis and heart attack than in our northern latitudes. The mortality rate due to colon cancer is also significantly lower there. Scientific research uncovered olive oil as a major component of the Mediterranean diet in the search for the protective factor of these people.

In countries such as Greece, Spain and southern Italy, olive oil is the main source of fat. Animal fats, on the other hand, are rarely used. Since there is an undeniable connection between the intake of animal fats and the risk of not only dying from colon cancer, but also from breast, prostate or ovarian cancer, the one who has the advantage of high-quality vegetable fat sources, in particular, is clearly at an advantage accesses olive oil.

Olive oil lowers “bad” cholesterol

Olive oil contains monounsaturated fatty acids. Seed oils such as sunflower oil and safflower oil, on the other hand, contain polyunsaturated fatty acids, while animal fats are full of saturated fatty acids. With regard to the cholesterol level, one was certain for a long time that saturated fatty acids (butter, lard, sausage, fatty meat, and fatty cheese) make it skyrocket, polyunsaturated throttles it again.

That is still true today, but it is now known that the polyunsaturated fatty acids lower total cholesterol not only the “bad” LDL cholesterol, but also the “good” and therefore very useful HDL cholesterol.

The mono-saturated fatty acids in olive oil, on the other hand, only put LDL cholesterol in its place, i.e. the cholesterol that is responsible for the deposits in the blood vessels. The good HDL cholesterol, which leads to the removal of the harmful vascular deposits, remains unaffected. So now you can Buy c 60   and come up with the perfect solutions for the same.

Olive oil lowers risk of tumor formation and depression

An increased intake of monounsaturated fatty acids in studies had had an extremely positive effect on gastric and intestinal ulcers and on gallstones. The gastric acid secretion is reduced by the olive oil and the formation of gallstones is prevented. Further studies showed that even the risk of pancreatic cancer can be reduced by the varied use of olive oil. And finally, the olive oil-rich Mediterranean cuisine should also help in the prevention of depression.

Olive oil for soft and healthy skin

The high content of vitamin E and antioxidants, together with the unsaturated fatty acids, delay the aging process of human cells, especially skin cells. This effect is also noticeable when olive oil is used externally as a skin care oil. Applied directly after sunbathing, it is proven to reduce the risk of skin cancer.